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    Call number: AWI G5-96-0326
    In: NATO ASI series : I, Global and environmental change, Vol. 17
    Type of Medium: Monograph available for loan
    Pages: XII, 580 Seiten , Illustrationen
    ISBN: 3540575944
    Series Statement: NATO ASI series : I, Global and environmental change 17
    Language: English
    Note: TABLE OF CONTENTS FOREWORD LIST OF AUTHORS AND PARTICIPANTS I - OPERATION OF THE OCEAN-ATMOSPHERE CARBON CYCLE The recent state of carbon cycling through the atmosphere / I. Levin Glacial ocean carbon cycle modeling / Ch. Heinze Glacial-interglacial changes in continental weathering: possible implication for atmospheric CO2 / G. Munhoven and L.M.François II - VARIATIONS OF THE OCEANS CARBON RESERVOIR: FAUNAL VERSUS GEOCHEMCAL RECORDS The relationship between surface water masses, oceanographic fronts and paleoclimatic proxies in surface sediments of the Greenland, Iceland, Norwegian Seas / T. Johannessen, E. Jansen, A. Flatrøy, A. C. Ravelo. - Is there a relationship between atmospheric CO2 and manganese in the ocean? / A. Mangini, H.-J. Rutsch, M. Frank, A. Eisenhauer, J.-D. Eckhardt Benthic foraminiferal assemblages and the δ13C-signal in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean: glacial-to-interglacial contrasts / A. Mackensen, H. Grobe, H.-W. Hubberten, G. Kuhn Foraminiferal population dynamics and stable carbon isotopes / Ch. Hemleben and J. Bijma A comparison of carbon isotopes and cadmium in the modern and glacial maximum ocean: can we account for the discrepancies? / E. A. Boyle Tracer-nutrient correlations in the upper ocean: observational and box model constraints on the use of benthic foraminiferal δ13C and Cd/Ca as paleo-proxies for the intermediate-depth ocean / R. Zahn and R. Keir IIΙ - GEOCHEMISTRY OF THE ORGANIC SEDIMENT FRACTION: CONSTRAINTS ON THE BIOLOGICAL CARBON PUMP Possible early diagenetic alteration of palaeo proxies / G.J. De Lange, B. Van Os, P.A. Pruysers, J.J. Middelburg, D. Castradori, P. Van Santvoort, P.J. Müller, H. Eggenkamp, F.G. Prahl Nitrogen isotope fractionation in the modern ocean: implications for the sedimentary record / J. P. Montoya The use of nitrogen isotopic ratio for reconstruction of past changes in surface ocean nutrient utilization / M.A. Altabet and R. Francois Variations in sedimentary organic δ13C as a proxy for past changes in ocean and atmospheric CO2 concentrations / G. H. Rau Reconstruction of paleoceanic PCO2 levels from carbon isotopic compositions of sedimentary biogenic components /J.P. Jasper and J.M. Hayes Late Quaternary PCO2 variations in the Angola Current: evidence from organic carbon δ13C and alkenone temperatures / P.J. Müller, R. Schneider, G. Ruhland PCO2 variations of equatorial surface water over the last 330,000 years: the δ13C record of organic carbon / L. Westerhausen, M. Sarnthein, U. Struck, H. Erlenkeuser, J. Poynter IV - GEOCHEMICAL AND MICROPALEONTOLOGICAL INDEXES OF PALEO-PRODUCTIVITY Paleoproductivity: flux proxies versus nutrient proxies and other problems concerning the Quaternary productivity record / W.H. Berger, J.C. Herguera, C.B. Lange, R. Schneider From modern flux to paleoflux: assessment from sinking assemblages to thanatocoenosis / K. Takahashi Late Quaternary paleoproductivity variations in the NE and equatorial Atlantic: diatom and Corg evidence / F. Abrantes, K. Winn, M. Sarnthein Glacial-Holocene paleoproductivity off western Australia: a comparison of proxy records / D.C. McCorkle, H. H. Veeh, D.J. Heggie Nutrient, mixing and export indices: A 250 Kyr paleoproductivity record from the western equatorial Pacific / J.C. Herguera Dinoflagellate cysts as paleoproductivity indicators: state of the art, potential, and limits / B. Dale and A. Fjeliså Deep-sea benthic foraminifers: food and bottom water masses / D. Schnitker The history of barium, biogenic silica and organic carbon accumulation in the Weddell Sea and Antarctic Ocean over the last 150,000 years / G. Shimmield, S. Derrick, A. Mackensen, H. Grobe, C. Pudsey SUBJECT INDEX
    Location: AWI Reading room
    Branch Library: AWI Library
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