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    ISSN: 0044-2313
    Keywords: Ditetraammine lithium tetraphenyldistannide ; synthesis ; single-crystals ; crystal structure ; Chemistry ; Inorganic Chemistry
    Source: Wiley InterScience Backfile Collection 1832-2000
    Topics: Chemistry and Pharmacology
    Notes: Tetraammine Lithium Cations Stabilizing Phenylsubstituted Zintl-Anions: The Compound [Li(NH3)4]2[Sn2Ph4]Ruby-red, brittle single crystals of [Li(NH3)4]2[Sn2Ph4] were synthesized by the reaction of diphenyltin dichloride and metallic lithium in liquid ammonia at -35°C. The structure was determined from X-ray singlecrystal diffractometer data: Space group, P1, Z = 1, a = 9.462(2) Å, b = 9.727(2) Å, c = 11.232(2) Å, α = 66.22(3)°, β = 85.78(3)°, γ = 61.83(3)°, R1 (F02 ≥ 4σF02) = 5.13%, wR2 (F02 ≥ 4σF02) = 10.5%, N(F02 ≥ 4σF02) = 779, N(Var.) = 163.The compound contains to Sb2Ph4 isosteric centres [Sn2Ph4]2- as anions which are connected to rods by lithium cations in distorted tetrahedral coordination by ammonia. These rods are arranged parallel to one another in the b,c-plane, but stacked along [100].
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