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    ISSN: 0947-6539
    Keywords: crystal structure ; polynuclear ; complexes ; ruthenium compounds ; supramolecular chemistry ; terpyridines ; Chemistry ; General Chemistry
    Source: Wiley InterScience Backfile Collection 1832-2000
    Topics: Chemistry and Pharmacology
    Notes: The bridging ligand bis{4′-(2,2′:6′,2″-terpyridinyl)}ether (1) can be prepared in 69% yield from the reaction of 4′-chloro-2,2′:6′,2″-terpyridine (3) with 2,2′:6′,2″-terpyridin-4′(1′H)-one (2) in Me2NCHO in the presence of KOH. More conveniently, complexes of 1 can be prepared in situ by the reaction of 2 with a ruthenium(II) complex of 3 in the presence of K2CO3. This methodology has been developed for the synthesis of a range of mono-, di-, tri- and hexanuclear complexes with a variety of Xtpy (Xtpy = 4′-substituted 2,2′:6′,2″-terpyridine) terminator ligands. The molecular structure of 1 (a = 9.623(2), b = 11.241(1), c = 11.828(1) Å; space group P1; α = 93.064(9), β = 107.072(14), γ = 99.088(14)°; Z = 2, R = 0.0450, Rw = 0.0577) has been determined. The generality of the methodology may ultimately be limited by the sensitivity of the ether-linkage in 1 to attack by nucleophiles.
    Additional Material: 3 Ill.
    Type of Medium: Electronic Resource
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