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    Call number: Q 2434(15) ; MOP Per 581(1/15) ; ZSP-319/A-15
    In: Geodätische und Geophysikalische Veröffentlichungen : Reihe 1, Heft 15
    In: Antarctic research / edited by H.-J. Paech, D. Fritzsche, Vol. 1
    Type of Medium: Series available for loan
    Pages: 280 Seiten , Illustrationen
    ISSN: 0533-7577
    Series Statement: Geodätische und Geophysikalische Veröffentlichungen : Reihe 1 15
    Language: English
    Note: Contents: Volume I Earth Sciences. - Geological research of the German Democratic Republic in Antarcitca - a review / J. Hofrnann ; H.-J. Paech ; D. Fritzsche. - Structural evolution of the Ross Sea depression and the adjacent Transantarctic Mountains (Abstract) / F. Tessensohn. - Evolutionary types of sedimentary basins of the continental margin, Antarctica (Abstract) / V. V. Traube. - Age determination on detrital zircons of West Antarctica - A contribution to the reconstruction of Gondwana / W. P. Loske ; H. Miller. - Geological relations between Queen Maud Land, East Antarctica and South India / W. Stackebrandt. - The Proterozoic evolution of New Schwabenland and its correlation with the southern part of Africa (Abstract) / K. Weber ; N. Arndt ; J. Jacobs ; M. Peters. - Stratigraphy, metamorphism and nappe-tectonics in the Shackleton Range (Antarctica) / W. Buggisch ; G. Kleinschmid t; H. Kreuzer ; S. Krumm. - Comments on 'Stratigraphy, metamorphics and nappetectonics in the Shackleton Range (Antarctica)' by Buggisch, W. et al. / H.-J. Paech. - The Lambert Rift development in East Antarctica - a review (Abstract) / J. Hofmann. - Sedimentological investigations in Permian deposits of the Beaver Lake area (Prince Charles Mts., East Antarctica) - First results / M. Mann. - Contributions to the geology of the south eastern Antarctic Peninsula (Abstract) / K.-P. Stanek ; W. Weber ; K. Rank ; K. Hahne. - Geological history of western Queen Maud Land / H.-J. Paech ; A. A. Laiba ; O. G. Shulyatin. - Late Proterozoic microbiota from the Turnpike Bluff Group, Shackleton Range (Abstract) / B. Weber. - Proterozoic fossil content in the Ahlmarmryggen Group, western Queen Maud Land: first preliminary results / B. Weber ; H.-J. Paech. - Geological evolution of the Schirmacher Oasis inclusively surrounding nunataks and the Central Wohlthat Massif (Abstract) / H. Kämpf et al. - Geological setting of the nunataks area south of the Schirmacher Oasis, Central Queen Maud Land / H.-U.Wetzel ; W. Stackebrandt ; K. Hahne. - Mineralizations in Central Queen Maud Land (Abstract) / H. Kämpf et al. - The petrographic characteristics of metamorphics in Queen Maud Land / G. Andrehs ; K. Adam. - Geochemical studies of tillites and boulders in Central Queen Maud Land (Abstract) / K. Hahne et al. - Oxygen isotope geochemistry of pegmatites from a high-grade metamorphic terrain (Schirmacher Oasis, East Antarctica): Preliminary results / Yu. A. Borshchevskiy et al. - Geodetical activities in the vicinity of the Georg Forster Station - Continuation of geodetic research tradition of the GDR in Antarctica / R. Dietrich ; R. Frey ; W. Korth. - Polar lights above the GDR Antarctic station "Georg Forster" (Abstract) / A. Grafe ; C. Kopsch. - Geomagnetical survey of the Schirmacher Oasis and its surroundings / St. Wagner ; C. Kopsch. - Effective offline-processing of complex geomagnetic and ionospheric data / St. Wagner ; V. Strecke. - A new measuring system for registration of geophysical signals on "Georg Forster" based on a 16-bit-multiprocessor structure (Abstract) / R.Rochlitzer Geomagnetic measuring techniques in Antarctica, both in field and stationary operation / C.Kopsch. - Atmospheric Sciences. - Antarctic research on the atmosphere and solar-terrestrial physics / M. J. Rycroft. - The polar ozone depletion in spring as a response to lower stratospheric changes in dynamics and chemistry / H. Gernandt ; P. Gloede. - Ground based aerosol optical thickness measurements in Antarctica from 1984/85 to 1988/89 / U. Leiterer ; A. Herber. - Some problems of the Atmospheric circulation over Antarctica / V. I. Zachariev. - Some results of middle atmosphere research Antarctica, Molodoshnaya station (Abstract) / I. N. Ivanova ; G. A. Kokin ; E. V. Lysenko et al.
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