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    Monograph available for loan
    Monograph available for loan
    Chichester : Wiley
    Call number: AWI A6-08-0012
    Type of Medium: Monograph available for loan
    Pages: X, 280 Seiten , Illustrationen , 1 CD-ROM
    ISBN: 0470861738
    Language: English
    Note: Contents Preface Part I Anatomy of a cyclone 1 Anatomy of a cyclone 1.1 A 'typical' extra-tropical cyclone 1.2 Describing the atmosphere 1.3 Air masses and fronts 1.4 The structure of a typical extra-tropical cyclone Review questions 2 Mathematical methods in fluid dynamics 2.1 Scalars and vectors 2.2 The algebra of vectors 2.3 Scalar and vector fields 2.4 Coordinate systems on the Earth 2.5 Gradients of vectors 2.6 Line and surface integrals 2.7 Eulerian and Lagrangian frames of reference 2.8 Advection Review questions 3 Properties of fluids 3.1 Solids, liquids, and gases 3.2 Thermodynamic properties of air 3.3 Composition of the atmosphere 3.4 Static stability 3.5 The continuum hypothesis 3.6 Practical assumptions 3.7 Continuity equation Review questions 4 Fundamental forces 4.1 Newton's second law: F=ma 4.2 Body, surface, and line forces 4.3 Forces in an inertial reference frame 4.4 Forces in a rotating reference frame 4.5 The Navier-Stokes equations Review questions 5 Scale analysis 5.1 Dimensional homogeneity 5.2 Scales 5.3 Non-dimensional parameters 5.4 Scale analysis 5.5 The geostrophic approximation Review questions 6 Simple steady motion 6.1 Natural coordinate system 6.2 Balanced flow 6.3 The Boussinesq approximation 6.4 The thermal wind 6.5 Departures from balance Review questions 7 Circulation and vorticity 7.1 Circulation 7.2 Vorticity 7.3 Conservation of potential vorticity 7.4 An introduction to the vorticity equation Review questions 8 Simple wave motions 8.1 Properties of waves 8.2 Perturbation analysis 8.3 Planetary waves Review questions 9 Extra-tropical weather systems 9.1 Fronts 9.2 Frontal cyclones 9.3 Baroclinic instability Review questions Part II Atmospheric phenomena 10 Boundary layers 10.1 Turbulence 10.2 Reynolds decomposition 10.3 Generation of turbulence 10.4 Closure assumptions Review questions 11 Clouds and severe weather 11.1 Moist processes in the atmosphere 11.2 Air mass thunderstorms 11.3 Multi-cell thunderstorms 11.4 Supercell thunderstorms and tornadoes 11.5 Mesoscale convective systems Review questions 12 Tropical weather 12.1 Scales of motion 12.2 Atmospheric oscillations 12.3 Tropical cyclones Review questions 13 Mountain weather 13.1 Internal gravity waves 13.2 Flow over mountains 13.3 Downslope windstorms Review questions 14 Polar weather 14.1 Katabatic winds 14.2 Barrier winds 14.3 Polar lows Review questions 15 Epilogue: the general circulation 15.1 Fueled by the Sun 15.2 Radiative-convective equilibrium 15.3 The zonal mean circulation 15.4 The angular momentum budget 15.5 The energy cycle Appendix A - symbols Appendix Β - constants and units Bibliography Index
    Location: AWI Reading room
    Branch Library: AWI Library
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