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    Monograph available for loan
    Monograph available for loan
    Washington, D.C. : 1983
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    Call number: 93.0022/11 (VERMISST)
    In: Reviews in mineralogy
    Description / Table of Contents: This volume of Reviews in Mineralogy attempts to synthesize our present understanding of certain aspects of the mineralogy and chemistry of the rock-forming carbonates. Hopefully, it reflects the presently more active areas of research. This review follows, by ten years, a major assessment of (sedimentary) carbonate minerals by Lippmann (1973). There is only minor overlap of subject material, and I hope that this difference reflects fairly how this field has developed. In some respects carbonates are unique, for they are one of the few mineral groups providing an abundant record of biological, physical, and chemical processes throughout much of geologic time. Because of their relative importance in sedimentary rocks, lowtemperature examples are given more emphasis here. Moreover, the obvious correlation with energy resources has been a significant factor contributing to the current resurgence of interest in this area. However, the broader interest in carbonates is also a reflection of their widespread occurrence in vastly different geologic environments, including metamorphic and igneous settings, as well as an appreciation of their role in both atmospheric and oceanic chemistry, both past and present. In this volume, some of the papers are general (i.e., those addressing crystal chemistry and phase relations), and they provide overviews of a fundamental nature and are of interest to many. Others are more specialized in coverage and generally reflect the different approaches used in carbonate geochemistry. The final chapter introduces transmission electron microscopy, a relatively new and powerful technique for mineralogical research that has great potential in carbonate research. Owing to the short time interval between the completion of manuscripts and publication, much of the newer material in this volume is still "fresh." The various reviewers, all gratefully acknowledged, were expeditious in their efforts. A hurried schedule, however, allows for unnoticed errors to persist; these should be brought to my attention.
    Type of Medium: Monograph available for loan
    Pages: XII, 394 S.
    ISBN: 0-939950-15-4 , 978-0-939950-15-7
    ISSN: 1529-6466
    Series Statement: Reviews in mineralogy 11
    Language: English
    Note: Chapter 1. Crystal Chemistry of the Rhombohedral Carbonates by Richard J. Reeder, p. 1 - 48 Chapter 2. Phase Relations of Rhombohedral Carbonates by Julian R. Goldsmith, p. 49 - 76 Chapter 3. Solid Solutions and Solvi Among Metamorphic Carbonates with Applications to Geologic Thermobarometry by Eric J. Essene, p. 77 - 96 Chapter 4. Magnesian Calcites: Low-Temperature Occurrence, Solubility and Solid Solution Behavior by Fred T. Mackenzie, William D. Bischoff, Finlay C. Bishop, Michele Loijens, Jane Schoonmaker, and Roland Wollast, p. 97 - 144 Chapter 5. Crystal Chemistry and Phase Relations of Orthorhombic Carbonates by J. Alexander Speer, p. 145 - 190 Chapter 6. The Polymorphs of CaCO3 and the Aragonite-Calcite Transformation by Willima D. Carlson, p. 191 - 226 Chapter 7. The Kinetics of Calcium Carbonate Dissolution and Precipitation by John W. Morse, p. 227 - 264 Chapter 8. Trace Elements and Isotopes in Sedimentary Carbonates by Jan Veizer, p. 265 - 300 Chapter 9. Microstructures in Carbonates by Hans-Rudolf Wenk, David J. Barber, and Richard J. Reeder, p. 301 - 368
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