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    Monograph available for loan
    Monograph available for loan
    Amsterdam : Elsevier Science
    Call number: 17/M 20.93246
    Type of Medium: Monograph available for loan
    Pages: vii, 708 Seiten , Graphiken
    Edition: 2nd ed
    ISBN: 978-0-444-63709-6
    Classification: C.4.
    Language: English
    Note: 1.1. The Early History of Glass; 1.2. Glass and Science; 1.3. The Discovery of Natural Melts; 1.4. The Physical Chemistry of Melts; 1.5. Summary Remarks; References; Chapter 2. Glass Versus Melt; 2.1. Relaxation; 2.2. Glass Transition; 2.3. Configurational Properties; 2.4. Summary Remarks; References; Chapter 3. Glasses and Melts vs. Crystals; 3.1. Basics of Silicate Structure 3.2. Thermodynamic Properties3.3. Liquid-Like Character of Crystals; 3.4. Summary Remarks; References; Chapter 4. Melt and Glass Structure -- Basic Concepts; 4.1. Bond Length, Bond Angle, and Bond Strength in Silicates; 4.2. Network-Formers; 4.3. Network-Modifying Cations and Linkage between Structural Units; 4.4. Bonding, Composition and Effects on Melt Properties; 4.5 Mixing, Order, and Disorder; 4.6. Summary Remarks; References; Chapter 5. Silica -- A Deceitful Simplicity; 5.1. An Outstanding Oxide; 5.2. Physical Properties; 5.3. Structure of SiO2 Glass and Melt 5.4. Effects of Pressure and Temperature5.5. Summary Remarks; References; Chapter 6. Binary Metal Oxide-Silica Systems -- I. Physical Properties; 6.1. Phase Relationships; 6.2. Thermodynamics of Mixing; 6.3. Volume and Transport Properties; 6.4. Summary Remarks; References; Chapter 7. Binary Metal Oxide-Silica Systems -- II. Structure; 7.1. Pseudocrystalline Models of Melt Structure; 7.2. Thermodynamic Modeling and Melt Structure; 7.3. Numerical Simulation of Melt Structure; 7.4. Structure from Direct Measurements; 7.5. Structure and Melt Properties; 7.6. Summary Remarks; References Chapter 8. Aluminosilicate Systems -- I. Physical Properties8.1. Phase Relationships; 8.2. Thermodynamics of Mixing; 8.3. Volume and Viscosity; 8.4. Summary Remarks; References; Chapter 9. Aluminosilicate Systems -- II. Structure; 9.1. Binary Al2O3-Bearing Glasses and Melts; 9.2. Meta-Aluminosilicate Glasses and Melts (SiO2-M1/xAlO2); 9.3. Peralkaline Aluminosilicate Glasses and Melts; 9.4. Pressure and the Structure of Aluminosilicate Melts; 9.5. Structure and Properties of Aluminosilicate Melts; 9.6. Summary Remarks; References; Chapter 10. Iron-bearing Melts -- I. Physical Properties 10.1 Ferrous and Ferric Iron10.2. Phase Equilibria; 10.3. Iron Redox Reactions; 10.4. Physical Properties; 10.5. Summary Remarks; References; Chapter 11. Iron-bearing Melts -- II. Structure; 11.1. Ferric Iron; 11.2. Ferrous Iron; 11.3. Ferric and Ferrous Iron in Silicate Melts at High Temperature; 11.4. Iron in Silicate Melts and Glasses at High Pressure; 11.5. Summary Remarks; References; Chapter 12. The Titanium Anomalies; 12.1. Phase Relations and Glass Formation; 12.2. Physical Properties; 12.3. Structure of Titanosilicate Glasses and Melts; 12.4. High-Temperature Studies
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