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    Call number: AWI P6-19-92192
    Type of Medium: Monograph available for loan
    Pages: 266 Seiten , Illustrationen
    Language: Bulgarian , English
    Note: CONTENTS: The Antarctic - Present and future / V. Zahariev. - The ice cover and the atmospheric CO2 / K. S. Losev. - 30 Years Research Activities of the German Democratic Republic in the Antarctic / D. Fritzsche. - The bulgarian antarctic society "Antarctica" - aims, activity and prospects in the future / S. Popov. - Features of the Antarctic climate / V. Zahariev, E. Koleva, R. Stoynova. - Features of the atmosphere circulation over the Antarctic continent / V. Zahariev, L. Kristev. - Ice covering of the Antarctuc continent / V. Zahariev, L. Kristev. - Temperature conditions in the Antarctic continent / V. Zahariev, L. Kristev . - Modeling the thermali convection of the Antarctic continent / S. Stoyanov, V. Zahariev. - Gamma locator for investigation of local sources of space photons with ultra high energies / I. Kirov, J. Stamenov, S. Ushev, V. Ianminchev. - Measurements of aerosols in the coastal sone of the Antarctic continent / N. Mihnevsky, K. Velchev. - Defining antropogenic in the show sample collected from the Antarctic continent / L. Adjarova, A. Antonov, N. Mihnevsky. - Ozone holes in the Antarctic / C. Gogosheva. - Measurements of the entire ozone content during the 17th Antarctic trip of the soviet research ship "Michail Somov" / N. Nihnevsky, P. Videnov. - Problems on the polar atmospere and magnetosphere / M. Gogoshev. - On some geomagnetic phenomena / P. Ivanova. - Spectroscopic measurements of small gas quantities in the atmosphere / S. Bogdanov, P. Videnov. - An investigation of electrical properties of the water-ice phase transition for purposes of remote sensing in Antarctic / St. Kolev. - Influence of the thermodinamic interaction in the atmosphere on the ice conditions of the world ocean surface / G. Korchev, A. Korcheva. - Participation of the Bulgarian group in the 33th soviet Antarctic expedition in season 1987/1988 / Z. Vergilov, S. Kaloyanov, N. Mihnevsky, A. Chakirov. - Reconnaissance investigation of the north part of Alexander I island / N. Mihnevsky, Z. Vergilov, S. Kaloyanov, A. Chakirov. - Finding a suitable place for the experimental buildings and mounting them on Livingston island / A. Chakirov, Z. Vergilov, S. Kaloyanov, N. Mihnevsky. - Energetic requirements, energy sources, water supply, transport machinery and building works for the Antarctic scientific stations / A. Chakirov. - Ice conditions and possibilities for navigation in the areas of the islands Alexander I and Livingston / S. Kaloyanov, Z. Vergilov, N. Mihnevsky, A. Chakirov. - Portable automatic meteorological station based on a aerological sonde / H. Brinsov. - Automatic data asquisition system with battery supply for operation in heavy weather conditions / S. Kaloyanov. - Automatic observations on the propagation of the short weves / S. Kaloyanov. - The possibility for utilizing of thermal pumps in polar conditions / S. Todorov, V. Stoyanov, G. Dineva, K. Grancharov. - Working fluids in the hidraulic systems operating in polar conditions / S. Todorov, K. Grancharov, G. Dineva. - Investigation of the operation processes of diesel engines operating electric generators in polar condition / V. H. Janakiev, I. E. Ivanov, E. A. Iliev. - Some problems of human adaptation to the cold in Subantarctic / A. Ketkin. - The first geological research activities of Bulgaria in Antarctic - some new data and preliminary conclusions Alexander Island, West Antarctica / B. Kamenov, B. H. Pimpirev. - A satellite ozonometric apparatus for atmospheric ozone monitoring above the Antarctic / J. St. Jekov, K. D. Valtchev, D. Chr. Ivanova. - Measuring the total ozone content above the Antarctic with the aid of artificial earth satellite / D. Hr. Ivanova, J. St. Jekov. , In kyrillischer Schrift , Beiträge teilweise in englischer, teilweise in bulgarischer Sprache , Mit englischem Inhaltsverzeichnis
    Location: AWI Reading room
    Branch Library: AWI Library
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