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    Publication Date: 2018-11-27
    Description: We study the labor market outcomes of a deregulation reform in Germany that removed licensing requirements to become self-employed in some occupations. Using longitudinal social security data, we implement a matched difference-in-differences design with entropy balancing to account for observable characteristics and unobserved individual heterogeneity. The reform tripled the number of businesses within ten years and led to slower earnings growth and higher unemployment for incumbent workers in deregulated occupations. However, the reform effect seems rather small, which we attribute to the relatively low competitiveness of new businesses. Supporting this view, the reform did not lead to overall employment growth.
    Keywords: J31 ; J24 ; L11 ; ddc:330 ; deregulation ; entry barriers ; self-employment ; labor market outcomes ; entropy balancing ; matched difference-in-differences
    Repository Name: EconStor: OA server of the German National Library of Economics - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics
    Language: English
    Type: doc-type:workingPaper
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    Publication Date: 2011-09-29
    Description: ENGLISH: The population structure and production of Pacific yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacares, were examined by studying most of the basic data available on stock assessment, as well as other data, for the period 1965 to 1972. The data were obtained mainly from the Japanese longline fishery in the Pacific Ocean east of about 1200E and from the purse-seine fishery in the eastern Pacific east of about 140oW. Data from genetic studies of subpopulations were not used due to their preliminary nature. It was concluded that the concept of "semi-independent" subpopulations proposed by Kamimura and Honma (1963) and Royce (1964) defines the population structure of Pacific yellowfin. At least three stocks (i.e. western, central and eastern), relatively independent of each other, are thought to exist, but the actual number and location of subpopulations is still unclear. Possible north-south separations, indicated to some extent by genetic studies and tagging, could be neither substantiated nor rejected on the basis of this study. Finally, unless some major change in the fishing technology occurs, it is doubtful if any significant sustainable increase in yellowfin production from the Pacific is possible. The greatest potential for increase, if any, appears to be based on changing the size structure of yellowfin in the catch from the central Pacific. SPANISH: Se examino la estructura de la población y la producción del atún aleta amarilla del Pacifico Thunnus albacares para estudiar la mayoría de los datos básicos que se tenían sobre el avalúo de la población, como también otra información correspondiente al periodo de 1965·1972. Los datos fueron obtenidos principalmente de las pescas palangreros japonesas del Océano Pacifico al este de los 1200 E y de las pescas con redes de cerco del Pacifico oriental, al este de los 140oW. No se emplearon los datos de estudios genéticos de las subpoblaciones porque eran mas bien preliminares. Se concluyo que el concepto propuesto por Kamimura y Honma (1963) y Royce (1964) de subpoblaciones "semiindependientes" define la estructura de la población del aleta amarilla en el Pacifico. Se cree que existen por 10 menos tres existencias (e.d. la occidental, central y oriental), relativamente independientes la una de la otra, pero no se conoce con certeza cuantas subpoblaciones hay y donde se encuentran. La posible separación norte-sur, indicada, hasta cierto punto, por los análisis genéticos y del marcado, no puede ni confirmarse ni rechazarse basados en este estudio. Finalmente, a no ser que ocurra algún gran cambio en la tecnología pesquera es dudoso que sea posible obtener un aumento constante e importante en la producción del aleta amarilla del Pacifico. El potencial mayor de aumento, si es que existe alguno, parece que se basa en el cambio de la estructura de talla en la captura del aleta amarilla del Pacifico central. (PDF contains 169 pages.)
    Keywords: Fisheries
    Repository Name: Aquatic Commons
    Type: Article , NonPeerReviewed
    Format: application/pdf
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    NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service
    Publication Date: 2014-03-07
    Description: The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) Fisheries Sampling Branch (FSB) collects, maintains, and distributes data for scientific and management purposes in the northwest Atlantic Ocean. FSB manages three separate but related observer programs: the Northeast Fisheries Observer Program (NEFOP), the Industry Funded Scallop (IFS) Observer Program, and the At Sea Monitoring (ASM) Program. For the purposes of this manual, “observers” refers to any observer/monitor working for the FSB. In 2011, FSB trained and deployed over 200 observers, provided coverage on a variety of fisheries, and completed over 15,000 sea days. Observed trips are required under many of the region's fishery management plans, and for some fisheries by other federal laws and authorities such as Amendment 16 and Framework 44, Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, the Endangered Species Act, the and the Sustainable Fisheries Act. The purpose of this guide is to provide FSB observers, as well as end users of NEFSC Observer Program data, with a detailed description of each data field collected. In addition to this manual, the NEFSC Observer Program Biological Sampling and Catch Estimation Manual provides summaries and tables intended to enable observers to quickly determine the correct sampling protocols and methods while at sea. This manual represents a revision of the data forms, collection procedures, and protocols described in the 1996 NEFSC Observer Program Manual. For documentation of other changes see Documentation of changes made to the NEFSC Fisheries Observer Program Manual, 2013.
    Keywords: Fisheries ; Management ; Policies
    Repository Name: Aquatic Commons
    Type: Monograph or Serial Issue , NonPeerReviewed
    Format: application/pdf
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