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  • Moskva : Izdatel'stvo Moskovskogo Universiteta  (1)
  • Oxford [u.a.] : Blackwell Scientific Publications
  • Berlin : Springer
  • Berlin : Dt. Verl. der Wissenschaften
  • London, England : Harvard University Press
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    Monograph available for loan
    Monograph available for loan
    Moskva : Izdatel'stvo Moskovskogo Universiteta
    Call number: AWI G3-96-0439 ; AWI G3-96-0439 (2. Ex.)
    Description / Table of Contents: The book deals with the influence of cryogenesis (a complex process of heating - cooling, freezing - thawing and accompanying phenomena) on earth surface and upper horizons transformation for the late Cenozoic period, and for the present time. The book summarizes the notions of geocryological zonality, altitudinal zonality and "sectorality" in formation of soil thermal regime, frozen strata and taliks distribution, season freezing and thawing, depending on geographical location of the territory and recent natural conditions. The book also gives an analyses of zonal and regional regularities in periglacial processes and phenomena distribution as well as formation of cryogenic composition for different syngenetic, epigenetic and taber soils and epigenetic frozen rocks. The influence of geothermal, geostructural, geomorphological and hydrogeological conditions, glaciation and deglaciation, Arctic seas transgressions and regressions on thickness, and composition of permafrost zone and its interaction with natural gas hydrates is analysed. The book describes major peculiarities of cryolitozone of platforms, mountain areas and Arctic submarine cryolithozone in connection with Pleistocene and Holocene paleogeography. The peculiarities of lithosphere cryogenesis are analysed mainly for northern Eurasia and partly for North America. The book is intended for students and professional geocryologists, engineering geologists, hydrogeologists, geographers and geoecologists as well as geologists dealing with oil and gas, miners, construction workers and those dealing with Northern and Eastern parts of Russia and Northern part of North America.
    Type of Medium: Monograph available for loan
    Pages: 334 Seiten , Illustrationen
    ISBN: 521102379X , 5-211-02379-X
    Language: Russian
    Note: CONTENTS: Introduction. - I. GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT CRYOGENESIS OF LITHOSPHERE. - I.1. Concept of Lithosphere Cryogenesis and how the book is Structured. - I.2. Development of the Earth Lithosphere Cryogenesis. - I.3. Principle Stages of Development for Recent Permafrost. - II. ZONAL AND REGIONAL REGULARITIES OF SPREADING AND THERMAL REGIME FOR PERMAFROST, TALIKS, SEASONAL FREEZING AND THAWING OF SOILS. - II.l. The Role of Radiation, Climatic and Landscape Factors in the Formation of Thermal Regime for Earth Surface and Soils. - II.2. Causes and Features of Geocryological Latitudinal Zonality and "Sectorality". - II.3. Geocryological Altitudinal Zonality, Its Types and Peculiarities of Manifestation in Connection with Altitude and Geographical Location of Mountain Areas. - II.4. The Influence of Regional Factors on Distibution and Thermal Regime of Permafrost. - II.5. Regularities of Talik Distribution and Existence. - II.6. Principal Regularities of Seasonal Soil Freezing and Thawing. - Ill. ZONAL AND REGIONAL REGULARITIES OF PERIGLACIAL PROCESSES DEVELOPMENT AND SPREADING OF PERIGLACIAL PHENOMENA. - III.l. The Relations Between Periglacial Processes and Phenomena in the System of Cryogenesis. - III.2. Frost Weathering (Zonal and Regional Regularities) Phenomena of Frost Heaving and Its Regional and Zonal Location. - III.3 Regularities of recent spreading of frost heaving. Phenomena of frost heaving and its regional and zonal location. - III.4. Regularities of Frost Cracking and Polygonal-Wedge Structures Formation. - III.5. Spot Medallions and Cryoturbation. - III.6. Solifluction and Solifluction Phenomena. - III.7. Regularities of Kurum Spreading, Composition and Mobility. - III.8. Rock- Glaciers. Regularities of Formation and Distribution. - III.9. Thermocarst Phenomena. Regularities of Formation, Spreading and Mobility. - III.10. Thermoabrasion. Regularities of Spreading and Development. - III.11. Regularities of Icing and Icing Features Formation. - IV. ZONAL AND REGIONAL REGULARITIES OF SYNGENETIC AND EPIGENETIC PERMAFROST STRATA FORMATION. - IV.l. Syngenetic and Epigenetic Permafrost Strata. Their Role in Permafrost Zone Formation. - IV.2. Regional and Zonal Regularities of Syngenetic Perennially Frozen Deposits Formation. - IV.3. Regional and Zonal Regularities of Spreading and Cryogenetic Building of Epigenetic Perennially Frozen Soils. - IV.4. Epigenetic Frozen Rocks and Their Cryogenic Building in Massifs. - IV.5. Taber and Taberlike Deposits. - V. REGIONAL AND ZONAL REGULARITIES OF PERMAFROST BUILDING AND PERMAFROST THICKNESS FORMATION. - V.l. Method of Analysis for Regional and Zonal Features of Permafrost Building and Permafrost Thickness. - V.2. To the Question of Thermal Properties of Soils and Rocks in Massifs. - V.3. Regularities of Influence of Geostructural and Geothermal Conditions on Permafrost Thickness and Permafrost Building. - V.4. Influence of Geomorphology and Topography on Permafrost Thickness and Permafrost Building. - V.5. Influence of Ground Water on Permafrost Distribution, Building and Thickness. - V.6. Gases and Gas Hydrates in Aquasphere and Their Interaction with Permafrost. - V.7. Influence of Arctic Seas Transgression and Regression on Permafrost Building and Thickness. - V.8. Glaciation and Deglaciation. Their Relations and Interaction with Permafrost. - VI. BASIC FEATURES OF CRYGENESIS AND PECULIARITIES OF PLATFORM PERMAFROST. - VI.1. Main Geostructural Features of Platforms. Their influence on Permafrost Conditions. - VI.2. Relief and Late Cepozoic Deposits. Their Influence on Permafrost Conditions. - VI.3. Cryohydrogeological Features of Platforms. - VI.4. Zone of Gas Hydrate Formation of Oil and Gas regions in Permafrost Area. - VI.5. Natural History and Building of Platforms Permafrost. - VII. BASIC FEATURES OF CRYOGENESIS AND PECULIARITIES OF MOUNTAIN AREAS PERMAFROST. - VII.1. Main Geostructural Features of Mountain Areas. Their Influence on Permafrost Conditions. - VII.2. Reliefs and Late Cepozoic Deposits. Their Influence on Permafrost Conditions. - VII.3. Cryohydrogeological Features of Orogenic Areas. - VII.4. Natural History and Features of Mountain Areas Permafrost. - VIII. SUBSEA PERMAFROST OF ARCTIC BASIN. - VIII.1. Types of Offshore Permafrost in Arctic Basin. Hypothesis of Its Formation. - VIII.2. Regularities of Temperature Formation for Near Bottom Water and Deposits in Arctic Basin. - VIII.3. Thickness and Building of Subsea Permafrost. - Conclusion. - References. - Contents. , In kyrillischer Schrift , Inhaltsverzeichnis auch in englischer Sprache
    Location: AWI Reading room
    Location: AWI Reading room
    Branch Library: AWI Library
    Branch Library: AWI Library
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