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    Call number: 10.1144/sp524
    In: Geological Society special publication, 524
    Description / Table of Contents: Transform margins form a significant portion of Earth's continent–ocean transition and are integral to continental break-up, yet compared to other margins are poorly understood. This volume brings together new multidisciplinary research to document the structural, sedimentological and thermal evolution of transform margins, highlighting their relationship to continental structure, neighbouring oceanic segments, pull-apart basins and marginal plateaus. Special emphasis is given to the comparison of transform and rifted margins, and to the economic implications of transform margin structure and evolution.
    Type of Medium: 12
    Pages: 1 Online Ressource (426 Seiten) , Illustrationen, Diagramme, Karten
    ISBN: 9781786205711 , 978-1-78620-571-1
    ISSN: 03058719 , 0305-8719
    Series Statement: Geological Society special publication 524
    Language: English
    Note: Legend for the cover illustration Introduction Nemčok, M., Doran, H., Doré, A. G., Ledvényiová, L., Rybár, S., Staniaszek, S. and Gontar, T. Tectonic development, thermal regimes and hydrocarbon habitat of transform margins, and their differences from rifted margins – an introduction Rift Margins Nemčok, M., Pospíšil, L., Melnik, A., Henk, A., Doré, A. G., Rybár, S., Sinha, S. T., Choudhuri, M., Sharma, S. P., Stuart, C. J., Welker, C., Sinha, N., Nuttall, P. and Venkatraman, S. Crust first–mantle second and mantle first–crust second; lithospheric break-up scenarios along the Indian margins Araujo, M. N., Pérez-Gussinyé, M. and Muldashev, I. Oceanward rift migration during formation of Santos–Benguela ultra-wide rifted margins Sinha, S. T. and Nemčok, M. Stretching–buoyancy interplay in the magma-poor rifting process Lundin, E. R., Doré, A. G., Naliboff, J. and Van Wijk, J. Utilization of continental transforms in break-up: observations, models, and a potential link to magmatism Nemčok, M. and Frost, B. Along-strike magma-poor/magma-rich spreading transitions Transform margins Morley, C. K., Chantraprasert, S., Chenoll, K., Sootlek, P. and Jitmahantakul, S. Interaction of thin-skinned detached faults and basement-involved strike-slip faults on a transform margin: the Moattama Basin, Myanmar Balázs, A., Gerya, T., May, D. and Tari, G. Contrasting transform and passive margin subsidence history and heat flow evolution: insights from 3D thermo-mechanical modelling Nemčok, M., Ledvényiová, L., Henk, A., Rybár, S., Sinha, S. T., Pospíšil, L., Mikuška, J., Jánošík, M., Csibri, T., Staniaszek, S., Baranowski, A. and Gontar, T. Early post-breakup kinematic adjustments of continental–oceanic transform fault zones: Cape Range, Coromandal and Romanche transform margin case study Markwick, P. J., Paton, D. A. and Mortimer, E. J. Mapping the complexity of transform margins Roche, V., Ringenbach, J.-C., Sapin, F. and Leroy, S. South and East African fracture zones: a long lifespan since the breakup of Gondwana Paton, D. A., Mortimer, E. J., Markwick, P. J., Khan, J., Davids, A., Tshikovhi, R. and Van der Spuy, D. Coeval development of extensional and contractional features along transform margins: insights from the Diaz Marginal Ridge Basile, C., Loncke, L., Roest, W. R., Graindorge, D., Klingelhoefer, F., Museur, T., Heuret, A., Lesourd-Laux, T. and Vetel, W. Initiation of transform continental margins: the Cretaceous margins of the Demerara plateau Graindorge, D., Museur, T., Klingelhoefer, F., Roest, W. R., Basile, C., Loncke, L., Sapin, F., Heuret, A., Perrot, J., Marcaillou, B., Lebrun, J. F. and Déverchère, J. Deep structure of the Demerara Plateau and its two-fold tectonic evolution: from a volcanic margin to a transform marginal plateau, insights from the Conjugate Guinea Plateau Trude, J., Kilsdonk, B., Grow, T. and Ott, B. The structure and tectonics of the Guyana Basin Cronin, B. T., Nemčok, M. and Doran, H. Transform margin source–sink clastic deposystems Index
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    Call number: 10.1144/sp525
    In: Geological Society special publication, 525
    Description / Table of Contents: The spatial extent and quality of seismic and subsurface datasets have substantially improved in recent years due to traditional hydrocarbon activities and the emergence of green technologies like offshore wind. This volume investigates the opportunities for (re)investigating past environments using seismic geomorphology and its integration with other datasets
    Type of Medium: 12
    Pages: 1 Online Ressource (338 Seiten) , Illustrationen, Diagramme, Karten
    ISBN: 9781786205728 , 978-1-78620-572-8
    ISSN: 03058719 , 0305-8719
    Series Statement: Geological Society special publication 525
    Language: English
    Note: Newton, A. M. W., Andresen, K. J., Blacker, K. J., Harding, R. and Lebas, E. Seismic geomorphology: subsurface analyses, data integration and palaeoenvironment reconstructions – an introduction Andresen, K. J., Hepp, D. A., Keil, H. and Spiess, V. Seismic morphologies of submerged late glacial to Early Holocene landscapes at the eastern Dogger Bank, central North Sea Basin – implications for geo-archaeological potential Smit, F. W. H. and Stemmerik, L. Seismic geomorphology of submarine landslides in the Chalk Group of the Danish Central Graben: implications for reservoir potential Bellwald, B., Manton, B., Lebedeva-Ivanova, N., Zastrozhnov, D., Myklebust, R., Planke, S., Forsberg, C. F., Vanneste, M. and Locat, J. Rapid glacial sedimentation and overpressure in oozes causing large craters on the mid-Norwegian margin: integrated interpretation of the Naust, Kai and Brygge formations Newton, A. M. W., Montelli, A., Batchelor, C. L., Bellwald, B., Harding, R., Huuse, M., Dowdeswell, J. A., Ottesen, D., Johansen, S. E. and Planke, S. Glacial seismic geomorphology and Plio-Pleistocene ice sheet history offshore NW Europe Buckley, F. A., Carnell, A. C., Al-Maskari, S. and Cottee, L. Frequency-dependent Amplitude Versus Offset analysis of a Cenozoic mass-transport deposit on the Namibian slope Scarselli, N. Exploring the predictive power of seismic geomorphology to assess sedimentary characteristics of gravity-flow deposits: examples from offshore East and West Africa reservoirs Olobayo, O. and Huuse, M. 3D seismic analysis of Cenozoic slope deposits and fluid-flow phenomena along the Nigerian Transform Margin Martinez, G. O., Sawyer, D. E. and Portnov, A. Seismic geomorphology of the Chandeleur submarine landslide in the northern Gulf of Mexico Leopoldino Oliveira, K. M., Arroyo, A. V., Bedle, H. and Nepomuceno Filho, F. Insights into the geomorphology of the Ceará Basin, Brazil, by combining seismic attributes, machine learning, and rock-physics analyses Keep, M., Lindhorst, K., Kuhnt, W. and Holbourn, A. Using shallow hydroacoustic data to image seafloor mass transport deposits on the North West Shelf of Australia: links to neotectonics Ortiz-Sanguino, L. L., Tellez-Rodriguez, J. J. and Bedle, H. Multi-attribute geomorphological characterization of the Cenozoic deep-water strata in the Exmouth Plateau, Northern Carnarvon Basin: a contribution to the understanding of deep-water mixed carbonate–siliciclastic environments Dobb, E. M., Magee, C., Jackson, C. A.-L., Lathrop, B. and Köpping, J. Impact of igneous intrusion and associated ground deformation on the stratigraphic record Index
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    Call number: 10.1144/sp536
    In: Geological Society special publication, 536
    Description / Table of Contents: Over the past four decades, research in the HADES underground research laboratory has demonstrated that the geological disposal of radioactive waste in clay can provide a safe and feasible disposal solution. This Special Publication presents the main contributions of the HADES laboratory to Belgian and international research into geological disposal.
    Type of Medium: 12
    Pages: 1 Online Ressource (328 Seiten) , Illustrationen, Diagramme, Karten
    ISBN: 9781786205933 , 978-1-78620-593-3
    ISSN: 03058719 , 0305-8719
    Series Statement: Geological Society special publication 536
    Language: English
    Note: Introduction Van Geet, M., Bruggeman, C. and De Craen, M. Geological disposal of radioactive waste in deep clay formations: celebrating 40 years of RD&D in the Belgian URL HADES Supporting ONDRAF/NIRAS’ safety statements De Craen, M., Moors, H., Honty, M. and Van Geet, M. The role of the HADES URL in better understanding of the Boom Clay pore water geochemistry Li, X., Dizier, A., Chen, G., Verstricht, J. and Levasseur, S. Forty years of investigation into the thermo-hydromechanical behaviour of Boom Clay in the HADES URL Chen, G., Li, X., Dizier, A., Verstricht, J., Sillen, X. and Levasseur, S. Characterization of Boom Clay anisotropic THM behaviour based on two heating tests at different scales in the HADES URL Jacops, E., Yu, L., Chen, G. and Levasseur, S. Gas transport in Boom Clay: the role of the HADES URL in process understanding Kursten, B., Caes, S., de Souza, V. and Gaggiano, R. Lessons learned from in situ corrosion experiments in the HADES URL Aertsens, M., Weetjens, E., Govaerts, J., Maes, N. and Brassinnes, S. CP1 and Tribicarb-3D: unique long-term and large-scale in situ migration tests in Boom Clay at the HADES Underground Research Laboratory Govaerts, J., Maes, N., Durce, D., Aertsens, M. and Brassinnes, S. Coupled flow and transport modelling of a large-scale in situ migration experiment with 14C-labelled natural organic matter colloids in Boom Clay Supporting ONDRAF/NIRAS’ feasibility statements Li, X., Neerdael, B., Raymaekers, D. and Sillen, X. The construction of the HADES underground research laboratory and its role in the development of the Belgian concept of a deep geological repository Dizier, A., Scibetta, M., Armand, G., Zghondi, J., Georgieva, T., Chen, G., Verstricht, J., Li, X., Léonard, D. and Levasseur, S. Stability analysis and long-term behaviour of deep tunnels in clay formations Verstricht, J., Nackaerts, D., Li, X. L., Leonard, D., Levasseur, S. and Van Geet, M. Assessment of long-term sensor performance based on a large THM experiment in the HADES URL Supporting international RD&D programmes Hassine, S. B. H., Davies, C. and Garbil, R. Forty-five years of joint research programmes on geological disposal of radioactive waste and the pioneering role of the HADES Underground Research Laboratory Armand, G., Plas, F., Talandier, J., Dizier, A., Li, X. L. and Levasseur, S. Contribution of HADES URL to the development of the Cigéo project, the French industrial centre for geological disposal of high-level and long-lived intermediate-level radioactive waste in a deep clay formation Nussbaum, C., Bernier, F., Bleyen, N., Bossart, P., Bruggeman, C., De Cannière, P., Fierz, T., Jaeggi, D., Neerdael, B., Valcke, E. and Volckaert, G. 25 years of cross-fertilization between HADES and Mont Terri rock laboratory Bernier, F. J., Detilleux, V., Lemy, F., Pochet, G. M., Surkova, M., Volckaert, G. and Mommaert, C. Underground research laboratories, an important support to the Belgian Regulatory Body’s Research and Development programme and the management of uncertainties Mayer, S. J., Van Marcke, P., Jung, H., Thompson, P. and Acharya, G. Important roles of underground research laboratories for the geological disposal of radioactive wastes: an international perspective Perspectives Geysmans, R., Silvikko De Villafranca, M. and Meskens, G. Making the future in the present: using Science and Technology Studies to reflect on 40 years of research in the HADES Underground Research Laboratory Index
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    Call number: 10.1144/sp542-000
    In: Geological Society special publication, 542
    Description / Table of Contents: A tribute to the career of J. Brendan Murphy, this volume covers topics that encompass the three main fields of his influence: (i) supercontinents and the supercontinent cycle; (ii) orogenesis and terranes; and (iii) magmatism and magmatic processes. Papers range from strongly field-based studies to conceptual analyses, and focus on clarifying some crucial geological processes.
    Type of Medium: 12
    Pages: 1 Online Ressource (816 Seiten) , Illustrationen, Diagramme, Karten
    ISBN: 9781786205995 , 978-1-78620-599-5
    ISSN: 03058719 , 0305-8719
    Series Statement: Geological Society special publication 542
    Language: English
    Note: J. Brendan Murphy: profile and recognition Nance, R. D., Strachan, R. A., Quesada, C. and Lin, S. Supercontinents, orogenesis and magmatism: a tribute to the career of J. Brendan Murphy Supercontinents and the Supercontinent Cycle Martin, E. L., Cawood, P. A., Murphy, J. B., Nance, R. D. and Heron, P. J. The tectonics of introversion and extroversion: redefining interior and exterior oceans in the supercontinent cycle Johnston, S. T., Lahtinen, R., Saumur, B. M. and Guarnieri, P. Reconstructing the Paleoproterozoic Heart of Nuna, from Fennoscandia to Northeastern Laurentia Dalziel, I. W. D. Rodinia palaeogeography: Laurentia as the geological ‘Key’ Slagstad, T. and Kulakov, E. V. Rodinia without Baltica? Constraints from Sveconorwegian orogenic style and palaeomagnetic data Heron, P. J., Gün, E., Shephard, G. E., Dannberg, J., Gassmöller, R., Martin, E., Sharif, A., Pysklywec, R. N., Nance, R. D. and Murphy, J. B. The role of subduction in the formation of Pangaean oceanic large igneous provinces Dang, Z., Zhang, N., Li, Z.-X. and Yan, P. Pangaea’s breakup: the roles of mantle plumes, orogens and subduction retreat Orogenesis and Terranes Keppie, J. D. and Keppie, D. F. Review and tectonic interpretation of Precambrian Avalonia Keppie, D. F., Keppie, J. D. and Landing, E. A tectonic solution for the Early Cambrian palaeogeographical enigma Landing, E., Webster, M. and Bowser, S. S. Terminal Ediacaran–Late Ordovician evolution of the NE Laurentia palaeocontinent: rift–drift–onset of Taconic Orogeny, sea-level change and ‘Hawke Bay’ onlap (not offlap) Hamilton, M. A., Álvaro, J. J., Barr, S. M., Jensen, S., Johnson, S. C., Palacios, T., van Rooyen, D. and White, C. E. U–Pb zircon ages from tuffaceous beds in the Terreneuvian to Cambrian Series 2 sections of Avalonian southern New Brunswick, Canada: new constraints on chronostratigraphic correlations and the Cambrian time scale Zagorevski, A., van Staal, C. R. and Joyce, N. L. The provenance and tectonic history of Dashwoods and the associated Baie Verte Margin during the Ordovician to Silurian Piette-Lauzière, N., Larson, K. P., Kellett, D. A., Harris, L., Cleven, N. and Rogers, N. Late Devonian syntaxis in the Northern Appalachian orogen Piette-Lauzière, N., Larson, K. P., Kellett, D. A., Rogers, N. and Powell, J. Late Devonian shear-zone reactivation in the Canadian Appalachian orogen Dennis, A. J., Shervais, J. W. and Maher, H. D. Jr. Structural inheritance in Carolinia, external to the excised Rheic Suture: Savannah River Site, South Carolina, USA Franke, W. The Rheic riddle: ocean closed, but no orogen Villeneuve, M., Gärtner, A., Mueller, P. A., Guillou, O. and Linnemann, U. Colliding cratons: linking the Variscan Orogeny in West Africa and North America Zieger, J., Zieger-Hofmann, M., Gärtner, A. and Linnemann, U. Variscan zircons everywhere? Multi-stage sedimentary recycling in Central Europe Linnemann, U., Zweig, M., Zieger-Hofmann, M., Vietor, T., Zieger, J., Haschke, J., Gärtner, A., Mende, K., Krause, R. and Knolle, F. The Harz Mountains (Germany) – Cadomia meets Avalonia and Baltica: U–Pb ages of detrital and magmatic zircon as a key for the decoding of Pangaea’s central suture Casas, J. M., Sánchez-García, T., Díez-Montes, A., Clariana, P., Margalef, A., ValverdeVaquero, P., Beranoaguirre, A., Román-Alpiste, M. J., Pujol-Solà, N. and Álvaro, J. J. Extent and significance of the Upper Ordovician felsic volcanism in the Pyrenees and Mouthoumet Massifs, SW Europe Álvaro, J. J., Sánchez-García, T. and Casas, J. M. The Cambrian Atlas – Ossa–Morena – North Armorican Rift, West Gondwana: along- and off-axis stratigraphic and volcano-tectonic patterns Arenas, R., Vérard, C., Albert, R., Rojo-Pérez, E., Sánchez Martínez, S., Novo-Fernández, I., Moreno-Martín, D., Gerdes, A., Garcia-Casco, A. and Díez Fernández, R. Cadomia origins: paired Ediacaran ophiolites from the Iberian Massif, the opening and closure record of peri-Gondwanan basins Díez Fernández, R., Novo-Fernández, I., Moreno-Martín, D., Arenas, R., Rojo-Pérez, E., Martín Parra, L. M. and Matas, J. Exhumation of high-pressure rocks: role of late faulting (Eastern Ossa–Morena Complex, Iberian Massif) Dias da Silva, Í, Pereira, M. F., Gama, C., Steel Hart, L., Barrios Sánchez, S., dos Santos Alves, K., Gómez Barreiro, J., Tassinari, C. C. G. and Sato, K. The influence of synorogenic extension on the crustal architecture of North Gondwana during the assembly of Pangaea (Ossa–Morena Zone, SW Iberia) Dan, W., Yu, Z.-W., Wang, Q., Tang, G.-J., Zhang, X.-Z. and Wang, J. Origin of the Songpan–Garzê terrane, Tibetan Plateau: a perspective from the tectonic evolution of the Palaeo-Tethys Ocean Hong, T., van Staal, C., Lin, S., Santos, G. S. and Wang, K. Evolving Permian magmatism associated with arc migration in the southern Beishan Orogenic Collage, Central Asian Orogenic Belt, NW China Lin, S., Wang, L., Xiao, W., Xing, G., Niu, Z., Zhao, X., Yin, C., Zhang, S. and Liu, H. The early Paleozoic Wuyi–Yunkai orogeny in South China: a collisional orogeny with a major lag in time between onset of collision and peak metamorphism in subducted continental crust Xia, Y., Wang, L., Rayner, N., Lin, S., Xiao, W., Yin, C., Qian, J., Liu, H. and Zhao, X. Metamorphic P–T–t evolution deciphered from episodic monazite growth in granulites of the Chencai Complex and implications for the Early Paleozoic Orogeny, West Cathaysia terrane, South China Magmatism and Magmatic Processes van Rooyen, D., Sappin, A.-A., Corrigan, D., Rayner, N. and Houlé, M. G. The Corrugated Hills Continental Flood Basalt: a c. 2.17 Ga flood basalt province related to breakup of the Superior craton Archibald, D. B., Murphy, J. B. and Creaser, R. A. The genetic relationship between coeval Ediacaran mafic and granitoid plutons in the Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia Pe-Piper, G. and Piper, D. J. W. Late Paleozoic igneous rocks at Clarke Head, Nova Scotia: magmatism at an arc to back-arc transition Rojo-Pérez, E., Arenas, R., Fuenlabrada, J. M., Novo-Fernández, I., Sánchez Martínez, S., Moreno-Martín, D. and Díez Fernández, R. Lower Cambrian magmatism in the SW Iberian sector of the African–Gondwana margin: geochemical and isotopic keys to incipient tectonic switching Cousens, B. L., Timm, C., Abraham, A., Trenkler, M., Boame, M. M., Papanicolaou, E., Spencer, J., Lacoursiere, A. and Emon, Q. Isotopic and geochemical characteristics of mid- to-lateMiocene continental and oceanic arc volcanic and intrusive rocks, central North Island and offshore, New Zealand Index
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    Call number: 10.1144/sp519
    In: Geological Society special publication, 515
    Description / Table of Contents: Volcanic islands have a highly characteristic geological context that poses specific issues related to thereconstruction of volcanic activity, hazard assessment, risk management, implementation of monitoringnetworks, and non-eruptive geohazards as landslides. This special publication intends to address theseissues from a multidisciplinary point of view.
    Type of Medium: 12
    Pages: 1 Online Ressource (170 Seiten) , Illustrationen, Diagramme, Karten
    ISBN: 9781786205650 , 978-1-78620-565-0
    ISSN: 03058719 , 0305-8719
    Series Statement: Geological Society special publication 519
    Language: English
    Note: Griffiths, J. S. and Law, R. D. Introduction to SP519 – volcanic islands: from hazard assessment to risk mitigation Multidisciplinary approaches to understanding volcanic islands Della Seta, M., Esposito, C., Fiorucci, M., Marmoni, G. M., Martino, S., Sottili, G., Belviso, P., Carandente, A., de Vita, S., Marotta, E. and Peluso, R. Thermal monitoring to infer possible interactions between shallow hydrothermal system and slope-scale gravitational deformation of Mt Epomeo (Ischia Island, Italy) Marotta, E., Berrino, G., de Vita, S., Di Vito, M. and Camacho, A. G. Structural setting of the Ischia resurgent caldera (southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) by integrated 3D gravity inversion and geological models Tramelli, A., Orazi, M., Nardone, L., Bobbio, A., Benincasa, A., Buonocunto, C., Capello, M., Caputo, A., Castellano, M., D’Auria, L., De Cesare, W., Di Filippo, A., Galluzzo, D., Gaudiosi, G., Giudicepietro, F., Liguoro, F., Lo Bascio, D., Martini, M., Martino, C., Peluso, R., Ricciolino, P., Scarpato, G., Torello, V. and Bianco, F. The seismic network of Ischia island from 1993 to 2021 Longo, M., Lazzaro, G., Caruso, C. G., Corbo, A., Sciré Scappuzzo, S., Italiano, F., Gattuso, A. and Romano, D. Hydro-acoustic signals from the Panarea shallow hydrothermal field: new inferences of a direct link with Stromboli Musacchio, M., Silvestri, M., Rabuffi, F., Buongiorno, M. F. and Falcone, S. Kılauea ̄ –Leilani 2018 lava flow delineation using Sentinel2 and Landsat8 images Tsunamis from volcanic environments Zaniboni, F., Pagnoni, G., Gallotti, G., Tinti, S. and Armigliato, A. Landslide-tsunamis along the flanks of Mount Epomeo, Ischia: propagation patterns and coastal hazard for the Campania Coasts, Italy Fornaciai, A., Favalli, M. and Nannipieri, L. Reconstruction of the 2002 tsunami at Stromboli using the non-hydrostatic WAVE model (NHWAVE) Volcanoes and society Lotteri, A., Speake, J., Kennedy, V., Wallenstein, N., Coutinho, R., Chester, D., Duncan, A., Dibben, C. and Ferreira, F. Changing hazard awareness over two decades: the case of Furnas, São Miguel (Azores) Tomasone, M., Avvisati, G., Cirillo, F., Colucci, O., Marotta, E., Fiorenza, E., Vertechi, E. and Simonetti, B. Risk management planning on a volcanic island: fear and loathing in Ischia (Italy) Index
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