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    Call number: 9/M 07.0421(519)
    In: Geological Society special publication, 519
    Description / Table of Contents: Volcanic islands have a highly characteristic geological context that poses specific issues related to thereconstruction of volcanic activity, hazard assessment, risk management, implementation of monitoringnetworks, and non-eruptive geohazards as landslides. This special publication intends to address theseissues from a multidisciplinary point of view.
    Type of Medium: Series available for loan
    Pages: 170 Seiten , Illustrationen, Diagramme, Karten
    ISBN: 9781786205650 , 978-1-78620-565-0
    ISSN: 03058719 , 0305-8719
    Series Statement: Geological Society special publication 519
    Language: English
    Note: Griffiths, J. S. and Law, R. D. Introduction to SP519 – volcanic islands: from hazard assessment to risk mitigation Multidisciplinary approaches to understanding volcanic islands Della Seta, M., Esposito, C., Fiorucci, M., Marmoni, G. M., Martino, S., Sottili, G., Belviso, P., Carandente, A., de Vita, S., Marotta, E. and Peluso, R. Thermal monitoring to infer possible interactions between shallow hydrothermal system and slope-scale gravitational deformation of Mt Epomeo (Ischia Island, Italy) Marotta, E., Berrino, G., de Vita, S., Di Vito, M. and Camacho, A. G. Structural setting of the Ischia resurgent caldera (southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) by integrated 3D gravity inversion and geological models Tramelli, A., Orazi, M., Nardone, L., Bobbio, A., Benincasa, A., Buonocunto, C., Capello, M., Caputo, A., Castellano, M., D’Auria, L., De Cesare, W., Di Filippo, A., Galluzzo, D., Gaudiosi, G., Giudicepietro, F., Liguoro, F., Lo Bascio, D., Martini, M., Martino, C., Peluso, R., Ricciolino, P., Scarpato, G., Torello, V. and Bianco, F. The seismic network of Ischia island from 1993 to 2021 Longo, M., Lazzaro, G., Caruso, C. G., Corbo, A., Sciré Scappuzzo, S., Italiano, F., Gattuso, A. and Romano, D. Hydro-acoustic signals from the Panarea shallow hydrothermal field: new inferences of a direct link with Stromboli Musacchio, M., Silvestri, M., Rabuffi, F., Buongiorno, M. F. and Falcone, S. Kılauea ̄ –Leilani 2018 lava flow delineation using Sentinel2 and Landsat8 images Tsunamis from volcanic environments Zaniboni, F., Pagnoni, G., Gallotti, G., Tinti, S. and Armigliato, A. Landslide-tsunamis along the flanks of Mount Epomeo, Ischia: propagation patterns and coastal hazard for the Campania Coasts, Italy Fornaciai, A., Favalli, M. and Nannipieri, L. Reconstruction of the 2002 tsunami at Stromboli using the non-hydrostatic WAVE model (NHWAVE) Volcanoes and society Lotteri, A., Speake, J., Kennedy, V., Wallenstein, N., Coutinho, R., Chester, D., Duncan, A., Dibben, C. and Ferreira, F. Changing hazard awareness over two decades: the case of Furnas, São Miguel (Azores) Tomasone, M., Avvisati, G., Cirillo, F., Colucci, O., Marotta, E., Fiorenza, E., Vertechi, E. and Simonetti, B. Risk management planning on a volcanic island: fear and loathing in Ischia (Italy) Index
    Location: Reading room
    Branch Library: GFZ Library
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    Call number:
    In: International Association of Geodesy Symposia, 155
    Description / Table of Contents: Part I: Gravity Field Modelling and Height Systems -- Remarks on the Terrain Correction and the Geoid Bias -- Why a Height Theory Must Be Rigorous and Physically Correct -- Geodetic Heights and Holonomity -- Physical Heights of Inland Lakes -- The Uncertainties of the Topographical Density Variations in View of a Sub-Centimetre Geoid -- Estimation of Height Anomalies from Gradients of the Gravitational Potential Using a Spectral Combination Method -- Evaluation of the Recent African Gravity Databases V2.x -- Part II : Estimation Theory -- PDF Evaluation of Elliptically Contoured GNSS Integer Ambiguity Residuals -- Spatio-Spectral Assessment of Some Isotropic Polynomial Covariance Functions on the Sphere -- MDBs Versus MIBs in Case of Multiple Hypotheses: A Study in Context of Deformation Analysis -- A Simple TLS-Treatment of the Partial EIV-Model as One with Singular Cofactor Matrices I: The Case of a Kronecker Product for QA = Q0 ⊗ Qx -- Bayesian Robust Multivariate Time Series Analysis in Nonlinear Regression Models with Vector Autoregressive and t-Distributed Errors -- Part III: Geodetic Data Analysis -- An Estimate of the Effect of 3D Heterogeneous Density Distribution on Coseismic Deformation Using a Spectral Finite-Element Approach -- On the Estimation of Time Varying AR Processes -- Refinement of Spatio-Temporal Finite Element Spaces for Mean Sea Surface and Sea Level Anomaly Estimation -- On the Coestimation of Long-Term Spatio-Temporal Signals to Reduce the Aliasing Effect in Parametric Geodetic Mean Dynamic Topography Estimation -- A Flexible Family of Compactly Supported Covariance Functions Based on Cutoff Polynomials -- Modeling of Inhomogeneous Spatio-Temporal Signals by Least Squares Collocation -- A Multi-Epoch Processing Strategy for PPP-RTK Users -- Part IV: Geoid and Quasi-Geoid -- Geoid or Quasi-Geoid? A Short Comparison -- The Quasigeoid: Why Molodensky Heights Fail -- Molodensky’s and Helmert’s Theories: Two Equivalent Geodetic Approaches to the Determination of the Gravity Potential and the Earth Surface. .
    Description / Table of Contents: This open access volume contains the proceedings of the X Hotine-Marussi Symposium on Mathematical Geodesy which was held from 13 to 17 June 2022 at the Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy. Since 2006 the series of the Hotine-Marussi Symposia has been under the responsibility of the Inter-Commission Committee on Theory (ICCT) within the International Association of Geodesy (IAG). The ICCT organized the last five Hotine-Marussi Symposia held in Wuhan (2006), Rome (2009, 2013 and 2018), and Milan (2022). The overall goal of the ICCT and Hotine-Marussi Symposia has always been to advance geodetic theory which is indeed documented by the 22 research articles published in these proceedings. The jubilee X Hotine-Marussi Symposium was organized in 10 topical sessions covering all parts of geodetic theory including reference frames, gravity field modelling, adjustment theory, height systems, time series analysis, or advanced numerical methods. In total, 60 participants attended the Symposium who delivered 62 oral and 18 poster presentations. During a special session, five invited speakers discussed two basic concepts of physical geodesy – geoid and quasigeoid.
    Type of Medium: 12
    Pages: 1 Online-Ressource(X, 165 p. 76 illus., 64 illus. in color.)
    Edition: 1st ed. 2024.
    ISBN: 9783031553608
    Series Statement: International Association of Geodesy Symposia 155
    Language: English
    Branch Library: GFZ Library
    Location Call Number Expected Availability
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