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    Monograph available for loan
    Monograph available for loan
    Cham : Springer International Publishing
    Description / Table of Contents: Part 1: Introduction -- The Arctic Region And Its Inhabitants -- A Holistic Approach To One Health In The Arctic -- Seasonal Animal Migrations And The Arctic -- Part 2: Major Health Threats To Arctic Animals And People -- Climate Change In Northern Regions -- Loss Of Untouched Land -- Arctic Ecosystems, Wildlife And Man - Threats From Persistent Organic Pollutants And Mercury -- Oil Spills In The Arctic -- Nuclear Radiation -- Part 3: Arctic Zoonoses - Diseases Transmitted From Animals To Man -- Rabies In The Arctic -- Brucellosis In The Arctic And Northern Regions -- Anthrax In The North -- Cystic And Alveolar Echinococcosis -- Toxoplasmosis In Northern Regions -- Trichinella Spp. In The North -- Cryptosporidiosis And Giardiosis In The Arctic: Increasing Threats In A Warmer World? -- Erysipelas In The Arctic And Northern Regions -- Tularemia In The Arctic -- Orthohantavirus In The Arctic - Presence And Future -- Zoonotic Marine Helminths: Anisakid Nematodes And Diphyllobothriid Cestodes -- Parapoxvirus Infections In Norhtern Species And Populations -- Part 4: Harvesting The Arctic - Potential Health Threats For Arctic People -- Hunting With Lead Ammunition - A One Health Perspective -- Traditional Conservation Methods And Food Habits In The Arctic -- Part 5: Working With Arctic Communities -- Wildlife Health Surveillance In The Arctic -- Dogs And People - Providing Veterinary Services To Remote Arctic Communities -- Semi-Domesticated Reindeer, Health And Animal Welfare.
    Description / Table of Contents: This multidisciplinary book discusses the manifold challenges arctic marine and terrestrial wildlife, ecosystems and people face these times. Major health threats caused by the consequences of climate change, environmental pollution and increasing tourism in northern regions around the globe are explored. The most common infectious diseases in wild and domesticated arctic animals are reviewed and the impact they could have on circumpolar ecosystems as well as on the lives of arctic people are profoundly discussed. Moreover, the book reviews arctic hunting, herding and food conservation strategies and introduces veterinary medicine in remote indigenous communities. "Arctic One Health" is authored by experts based in arctic regions spanning from North America over Europe to Asia to cover a broad range of topics and perspectives. The book addresses researchers in Veterinary Medicine, Ecology, Microbiology and Anthropology. The book contributes towards achieving the UN Sustainable Developmental Goals, in particular SDG 15, Life on Land.
    Type of Medium: Monograph available for loan
    Pages: XIX, 573 Seiten , Illustrationen
    Edition: 1st ed. 2022.
    ISBN: 9783030878535
    Language: English
    Location: AWI Reading room
    Branch Library: AWI Library
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    Call number: AWI G3-22-94842-2
    In: Advances in hillslope processes, Volume 2
    In: British Geomorphological Research Group symposia series
    Type of Medium: Monograph available for loan
    Pages: XVI, Seite 688 - 1306 , Illustrationen
    ISBN: 0-471-96774-2
    Series Statement: Advances in hillslope processes 2
    Language: English
    Note: CONTENTS VOLUME 2 Section 6 GULLY DEVELOPMENT PROCESSES Chapter 31 Thresholds of Channel Initiation in Historical and Holocene Times, Southeastern Australia / I. P. Prosser Chapter 32 The Role of Sideslope Gullies in the Production andDelivery of Sediment to Contemporary Terraces, Rambla del Hornillo, Southern Spain / H. Faulkner Chapter 33 Holocene Hillslope Gully Systems in the Howgill Fells, Cumbria / A. M. Harvey Chapter 34 Unsaturated Strength and Preferential Flow as Controls on Gully Head Development / A. J. C. Collison Section 7 SLOPE STABILITY Chapter 35 Landslides and Stability in the Nepalese Middle Hills under Seasonal and Agricultural Land-Use Change Scenarios / K. Wu and J. B. Thornes Chapter 36 Developments in Slope Hydrology-Stability Modelling for Tropical Slopes / M. G. Anderson, A. J. C. Collison, J. Hartshorne, D. M. Lloyd and A. Park Chapter 37 The Mechanics and Landforms of Deep-Seated Landslides / D. Petley Chapter 38 The Assessment and Modelling of Hydrological Failure Conditions of Landslides in the Puriscal Region (Costa Rica) and the Manizales Region (Colombia) / M. T. J. Terlien, P. G. B. De Louw, Th. W. J. Van Asch and R. A. A. Hetterschijt Chapter 39 The Effects of Grass Roots on the Shear Strength of Colluvial Soils in Nepal / C. J. Lawrance, R. J. Rickson and J. E. Clark Chapter 40 Development of an Episodic Landform Change Model based upon the Black Ven Mudslide, 1946-1995 / D. Brunsden and J. H. Chandler Chapter 41 Coastal Slope Development: Temporal and Spatial Periodicity in the Holderness Cliff Recession / J. Pethick Section 8 TROPICAL HILLSLOPE PROCESSES Chapter 42 A New Approach towards the Quantification of Runoff and Eroded Sediment from Bench Terraces in Humid Tropical Steeplands and its Application in South-Central Java, Indonesia / L. A. Bruijnzee/ and W. R. S. Critchley Chapter 43 Hydrological Pathways and Water Chemistry in Amazonian Rain Forests / H. Elsenbeer and A. Lack Chapter 44 Observations on Slope Processes in a Tropical Rain Forest Environment Before and After Forest Plantation Establishment / A. Maimer Chapter 45 Tectonics and Relief in Tropical Forested Mountains: The Gipfelflur Hypothesis Revisited / A. P. Dykes and J. B. Thornes Section 9 SEMI-ARID HILLSLOPE PROCESSES Chapter 46 Hillslope Response to Extreme Storm Events: The Example of the Vaison-La-Romaine Event / J. Wainwright Chapter 47 Geomorphological Implications of Vegetation Patchiness on Semi-arid Slopes / J. Puigdefabregas and G. Sanchez Chapter 48 Runoff and Erosion on Semi-arid Hillslopes / A. J. Parsons, J. Wainwright and A. D. Abrahams Chapter 49 Cuesta Scarp Forms and Processes in Different Attitudinal Belts of the Colorado Plateau as Indicators of Climatic Change / K.-H. Schmidt and P. Meitz Chapter 50 Modelling the Complexity of Land Surface Response to Climatic Variability in Mediterranean Environments / M. Mulligan Section 10 PERIGLACIAL HILLSLOPE PROCESSES Chapter 51 Processes of Thaw-Induced Mass Movement in Non-cohesive Soils: Results of an Instrumented Slope Simulation Experiment / C. Harris and M. C. R. Davies Chapter 52 Paraglacial Slope Adjustment during Recent Deglaciation and Its Implication for Slope Evolution in Formerly Glaciated Environments / C. K. Ballantyne and D. I. Benn Chapter 53 Paraglacial or Periglacial? The Sedimentology of Slope Deposits in Upland Northumberland / S. Harrison Chapter 54 Slow Mass Movements and Climatic Relationships, 1972-1994, Kapp Linné, West Spitzbergen / H. J. Akerman Chapter 55 Rock Weathering and the Formation of Summit Blockfield Slopes in Norway: Examples and Implications / B. R. Rea, W. B. Whalley and E. M. Porter Author Index Subject Index
    Location: AWI Reading room
    Branch Library: AWI Library
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