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    Call number: AWI G3-22-94842-1
    In: Advances in hillslope processes, Volume 1
    In: British Geomorphological Research Group symposia series
    Type of Medium: Monograph available for loan
    Pages: XVIII, 683 Seiten , Illustrationen
    ISBN: 0-471-96774-2
    Series Statement: Advances in hillslope processes 1
    Language: German
    Note: Contents List of Contributors Foreword / R. J. Chorley Section 1 INTRODUCTION Chapter 1 Hillslope Processes: Research Prospects / M. G. Anderson and S. M. Brooks Section 2 HILLSLOPE HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES Chapter 2 An Evolving Perceptual Model of Hillslope Flow at the Maimai Catchment / D. D. Brammer and J. J. McDonnell Chapter 3 Runoff and Erosion from a Rapidly Eroding Pinyon-Juniper Hill slope / B. P. Wilcox, J. Pitlick, C. D. Allen and D. W. Davenport Chapter 4 Time-Dependent Changes in Soil Properties and Surface Runoff Generation / T. P. Burt and M. C. Slattery Chapter 5 Hydrological Impact of a High-Magnitude Rainfall Event / R. Evans Chapter 6 Short-term Hydrological Response of Soil Water and Groundwater to Rainstorms in a Deciduous Forest Hillslope, Georgia, USA / E. B. Ratcliffe, N. E. Peters and M. Tranter Chapter 7 Modelling the Influence of Afforestation on Hillslope Storm Runoff / T. J. A. Davie Section 3 HILLSLOPE SOLUTE PROCESSES Chapter 8 Movement of Water and Solutes from Agricultural Land: The Effects of Artificial Drainage / A. C. Armstrong and G. L. Harris Chapter 9 Nitrogen and Phosphorous Flows from Agricultural Hillslopes / K. W. T. Goulding, L. S. Matchett, G. Heckrath, C. P. Webster, P. C. Brookes and T. P. Burt Chapter 10 Phosphorus Fractionation in Hillslope Hydrological Pathways Contributing to Agricultural Runoff / R. M. Dils and A. L. Heathwaite Chapter 11 Nutrient Cycling in Upland Catchment Areas: The Significance of Organic Forms of N and P / A. C. Edwards, M. D. Ron Vaz, S. Porter and L. Ebbs Chapter 12 Identification of Critical Source Areas for Phosphorus Export from Agricultural Catchments / W. J. Gburek, A. N. Sharpley and H. B. Pionke Chapter 13 Pathways and Forms of Phosphorus Losses from Grazed Grassland Hillslopes / P. M. Haygarth and S. C. Jarvis Chapter 14 Modelling the Solute Uptake Component of Hillslope Hydrochemistry: Are Flow Times and Path Lengths Important during Mineral Dissolution? / S. Trudgill, J. Ball and B. Rawlins Section 4 SOIL PROCESSES ON HILLSLOPES Chapter 15 The Influence of Slope on the Nature and Distribution of Soils and Plant Communities in the Central Brazilian cerrado / P.A. Furfey Chapter 16 Nitrous Oxide Emissions from a Range of Soil-Plant and Drainage Conditions in Belize / R. M. Rees, K. Castle, J. R. M. Arah and P. A. Furfey Chapter 17 A Soil-Landscape Continuum on a Three-Dimensional Hillslope, Quantock Hills, Somerset / S. J. Park, T. P. Burt and P. A. Bull Chapter 18 Modern Fluvial Processes on a Macroporous Drift-Covered Cavernous Limestone Hillslope, Castleton, Derbyshire, UK / P. Hardwick and J. Gunn Chapter 19 Examining the Factors Controlling the Spatial Scale of Variation in Soil Redistribution Processes from Southwest Niger / A. Chappell, M.A. Oliver, A. Warren, C. T. Agnew and M. Charlton Chapter 20 Variations in Tree Communities and Soils with Slope in Gallery Forest, Federal District, Brazil / M. C. da Silva Junior, P. A. Furfey and J. A. Ratter Chapter 21 The Significance of Soil Profile Differentiation to Hydrological Response and Slope Instability: A Modelling Approach / S. M. Brooks and A. J. C. Collison Section 5 SOIL EROSION ON HILLSLOPES Chapter 22 Soil Erosion by Water: Problems and Prospects for Research / J. Boardman Chapter 23 The Particle-Size Selectivity of Sediment Mobilization from Devon Hillslopes / P. M. Stone and D. E. Walling Chapter 24 Shifts in Rates and Spatial Distributions of Soil Erosion and Deposition under Climate Change / D. T. Favis-Mort/ock and M. R. Savabi Chapter 25 Simulation of Radiocaesium Redistribution on Cultivated Hillslopes using a Mass-Balance Model: An Aid to Process Interpretation and Erosion Rate Estimation / T. A. Quine, D. E. Walling and G. Govers Chapter 26 Erosional Response to Variations in Interstorm Weathering Conditions / R. Bryan Chapter 27 Field Studies of Runoff Processes on Restored Land in South Wales and the Design of Channels for Erosion Control / R. A. Hodgkinson and A. C. Armstrong Chapter 28 On the Complexity of Sediment Delivery in Fluvial Systems: Results from a Small Agricultural Catchment, North Oxfordshire, UK / M. C. Slattery and T. P. Burt Chapter 29 Verification of the European Soil Erosion Model (EUROSEM) for Varying Slope and Vegetation Conditions / R. P. C. Morgan Chapter 30 Validation Problems of Hydrologic and Soil-Erosion Catchment Models: Examples from a Dutch Erosion Project / A. P. J. De Roo
    Location: AWI Reading room
    Branch Library: AWI Library
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    Call number: AWI G3-22-94842-2
    In: Advances in hillslope processes, Volume 2
    In: British Geomorphological Research Group symposia series
    Type of Medium: Monograph available for loan
    Pages: XVI, Seite 688 - 1306 , Illustrationen
    ISBN: 0-471-96774-2
    Series Statement: Advances in hillslope processes 2
    Language: English
    Note: CONTENTS VOLUME 2 Section 6 GULLY DEVELOPMENT PROCESSES Chapter 31 Thresholds of Channel Initiation in Historical and Holocene Times, Southeastern Australia / I. P. Prosser Chapter 32 The Role of Sideslope Gullies in the Production andDelivery of Sediment to Contemporary Terraces, Rambla del Hornillo, Southern Spain / H. Faulkner Chapter 33 Holocene Hillslope Gully Systems in the Howgill Fells, Cumbria / A. M. Harvey Chapter 34 Unsaturated Strength and Preferential Flow as Controls on Gully Head Development / A. J. C. Collison Section 7 SLOPE STABILITY Chapter 35 Landslides and Stability in the Nepalese Middle Hills under Seasonal and Agricultural Land-Use Change Scenarios / K. Wu and J. B. Thornes Chapter 36 Developments in Slope Hydrology-Stability Modelling for Tropical Slopes / M. G. Anderson, A. J. C. Collison, J. Hartshorne, D. M. Lloyd and A. Park Chapter 37 The Mechanics and Landforms of Deep-Seated Landslides / D. Petley Chapter 38 The Assessment and Modelling of Hydrological Failure Conditions of Landslides in the Puriscal Region (Costa Rica) and the Manizales Region (Colombia) / M. T. J. Terlien, P. G. B. De Louw, Th. W. J. Van Asch and R. A. A. Hetterschijt Chapter 39 The Effects of Grass Roots on the Shear Strength of Colluvial Soils in Nepal / C. J. Lawrance, R. J. Rickson and J. E. Clark Chapter 40 Development of an Episodic Landform Change Model based upon the Black Ven Mudslide, 1946-1995 / D. Brunsden and J. H. Chandler Chapter 41 Coastal Slope Development: Temporal and Spatial Periodicity in the Holderness Cliff Recession / J. Pethick Section 8 TROPICAL HILLSLOPE PROCESSES Chapter 42 A New Approach towards the Quantification of Runoff and Eroded Sediment from Bench Terraces in Humid Tropical Steeplands and its Application in South-Central Java, Indonesia / L. A. Bruijnzee/ and W. R. S. Critchley Chapter 43 Hydrological Pathways and Water Chemistry in Amazonian Rain Forests / H. Elsenbeer and A. Lack Chapter 44 Observations on Slope Processes in a Tropical Rain Forest Environment Before and After Forest Plantation Establishment / A. Maimer Chapter 45 Tectonics and Relief in Tropical Forested Mountains: The Gipfelflur Hypothesis Revisited / A. P. Dykes and J. B. Thornes Section 9 SEMI-ARID HILLSLOPE PROCESSES Chapter 46 Hillslope Response to Extreme Storm Events: The Example of the Vaison-La-Romaine Event / J. Wainwright Chapter 47 Geomorphological Implications of Vegetation Patchiness on Semi-arid Slopes / J. Puigdefabregas and G. Sanchez Chapter 48 Runoff and Erosion on Semi-arid Hillslopes / A. J. Parsons, J. Wainwright and A. D. Abrahams Chapter 49 Cuesta Scarp Forms and Processes in Different Attitudinal Belts of the Colorado Plateau as Indicators of Climatic Change / K.-H. Schmidt and P. Meitz Chapter 50 Modelling the Complexity of Land Surface Response to Climatic Variability in Mediterranean Environments / M. Mulligan Section 10 PERIGLACIAL HILLSLOPE PROCESSES Chapter 51 Processes of Thaw-Induced Mass Movement in Non-cohesive Soils: Results of an Instrumented Slope Simulation Experiment / C. Harris and M. C. R. Davies Chapter 52 Paraglacial Slope Adjustment during Recent Deglaciation and Its Implication for Slope Evolution in Formerly Glaciated Environments / C. K. Ballantyne and D. I. Benn Chapter 53 Paraglacial or Periglacial? The Sedimentology of Slope Deposits in Upland Northumberland / S. Harrison Chapter 54 Slow Mass Movements and Climatic Relationships, 1972-1994, Kapp Linné, West Spitzbergen / H. J. Akerman Chapter 55 Rock Weathering and the Formation of Summit Blockfield Slopes in Norway: Examples and Implications / B. R. Rea, W. B. Whalley and E. M. Porter Author Index Subject Index
    Location: AWI Reading room
    Branch Library: AWI Library
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