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    Monograph available for loan
    Monograph available for loan
    San Diego [u.a.] : Academic Press
    Associated volumes
    Call number: AWI A7-90-0207 ; MOP 33002/42
    In: International geophysics series, 42
    Type of Medium: Monograph available for loan
    Pages: XXI, 307 Seiten , Illustrationen
    ISBN: 0120644908
    Series Statement: International geophysics series 42
    Language: English
    Note: Contents Preface Symbols Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Scope of Micrometeorology 1.2 Micrometeorology versus Microclimatology 1.3 Importance and Applications of Micrometeorology Problems and Exercises Chapter 2 Energy Budget near the Surface 2.1 Energy Fluxes at an Ideal Surface 2.2 Energy Balance Equations 2.3 Some Examples of Energy Budget 2.4 Applications Problems and Exercises Chapter 3 Radiation Balance near the Surface 3.1 Radiation Laws and Definitions 3.2 Shortwave Radiation 3.3 Longwave Radiation 3.4 Radiation Balance near the Surface 3.5 Radiative Flux Divergence 3.6 Applications Problems and Exercises Chapter 4 Soil Temperatures and Heat Transfer 4.1 Surface Temperature 4.2 Subsurface Temperatures 4.3 Thermal Properties of Soils 4.4 Theory of Soil Heat Transfer 4.5 Applications Problems and Exercises Chapter 5 Air Temperature and Humidity in the PBL 5.1 Factors Influencing Air Temperature and Humidity 5.2 Basic Thermodynamic Relations and Definitions 5.3 Static Stability 5.4 Mixed Layers and Inversions 5.5 Vertical Temperature and Humidity Profiles 5.6 Diurnal Variations 5.7 Applications Problems and Exercises Chapter 6 Wind Distribution in the PBL 6.1 Factors Influencing Wind Distribution 6.2 Geostrophic and Thermal Winds 6.3 The Effects of Friction 6.4 The Effects of Stability 6.5 Observed Wind Profiles 6.6 Diurnal Variations 6.7 Applications Problems and Exercises Chapter 7 An Introduction to Viscous Flows 7.1 Inviscid and Viscous Flows 7.2 Laminar and Turbulent Flows 7.3 Equations of Motion 7.4 Plane-Parallel Flows 7.5 Ekman Layers 7.6 Developing Boundary Layers 7.7 Heat Transfer in Fluids 7.8 Applications Problems and Exercises Chapter 8 Fundamentals of Turbulence 8.1 Instability of Flow and Transition to Turbulence 8.2 The Generation and Maintenance of Turbulence 8.3 General Characteristics of Turbulence 8.4 Mean and Fluctuating Variables 8.5 Variances and Turbulent Fluxes 8.6 Eddies and Scales of Motion 8.7 Applications Problems and Exercises Chapter 9 Semiempirical Theories of Turbulence 9.1 Mathematical Description of Turbulent Flows 9.2 Gradient-Transport Theories 9.3 Dimensional Analysis and Similarity Theories 9.4 Applications Problems and Exercises Chapter 10 Neutral Boundary Layers 10.1 Velocity-Profile Laws 10.2 Surface Roughness Parameters 10.3 Surface Stress and Drag Coefficient 10.4 Turbulence 10.5 Applications Problems and Exercises Chapter 11 Momentum and Heat Exchanges with Homogeneous Surfaces 11.1 The Monin-Obukhov Similarity Theory 11.2 Empirical Forms of Similarity Functions 11.3 Wind and Temperature Profiles 11.4 Drag and Heat Transfer Coefficients 11.5 Methods of Determining Momentum and Heat Fluxes 11.6 Applications Problems and Exercises Chapter 12 Evaporation from Homogeneous Surfaces 12.1 The Process of Evaporation 12.2 Potential Evaporation and Evapotranspiration 12.3 Modified Monin-Obukhov Similarity Relations 12.4 Micrometeorological Methods of Determining Evaporation 12.5 Applications Problems and Exercises Chapter 13 Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer 13.1 Sea-Surface Characteristics 13.2 Momentum Transfer to the Sea Surface 13.3 Parameterization of Air-Sea Exchanges 13.4 Mean Profiles in the Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer 13.5 Turbulence over Water 13.6 Applications Problems and Exercises Chapter 14 Nonhomogeneous Boundary Layers 14.1 Types of Surface Inhomogeneities 14.2 Step Changes in Surface Roughness 14.3 Step Changes in Surface Temperature 14.4 Air Modifications over Water Surfaces 14.5 Air Modifications over Urban Areas 14.6 Building Wakes and Street Canyon Effects 14.7 Other Topographical Effects 14.8 Applications Problems and Exercises Chapter 15 Agricultural and Forest Micrometeorology 15.1 Flux-Profile Relations above Plant Canopies 15.2 Radiation Balance within Plant Canopies 15.3 Wind Distribution in Plant Canopies 15.4 Temperature and Moisture Fields 15.5 Turbulence in Plant Canopies 15.6 Applications Problems and Exercises References Index
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