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    Keywords: Klimaänderung ; Protestbewegung
    Description / Table of Contents: From the social uprisings in Santiago de Chile to the radical municipalism experiments in Naples, this volume takes the reader on an intellectual journey at the frontlines across global South and global North where climate breakdown meets social innovations. While the effects of the climate crisis are becoming more extreme and tangible across the globe with every passing day, urban social movements and their radical strategies to resist climate injustice often remain concealed from sight. Contributors to this volume ask how would it be to look at the politics of urban loss-and-damage not from the highly securitized zones of climate summits, but from favelas in Rio de Janeiro, flood-prone communities in São Paulo, urban gardens in Naples, or neighborhoods resisting climate gentrification in New York City? This book explores diverse worlds and praxis of urban social movements resisting the rising tides of climate crisis and social injustice
    Pages: 288 pages , Diagramme, Illustrationen , 24 cm
    ISBN: 9463726667 , 9789463726665
    Series Statement: Protest and Social Movements
    Language: English
    Note: List of figures Acknowledgements Foreword: From Occupy Climate Change! to Confronting Loss and Damage -- David Naguib Pellow 1. Occupy Climate Change: An introduction -- Marco Armiero, Salvatore Paolo De Rosa, and Ethemcan Turhan 2. Hope in something: An earthly tragedy in five acts -- Vanesa Castán Broto 3. Struggles for democratic decarbonization: Lessons from New York City -- Ashley Dawson 4. Disobey, block, organize: The politics and strategies of grassroots climate activism in Malmö and Sweden -- Salvatore Paolo De Rosa 5. Catalyzing transformational action for climate change adaptation: The Ala Wai management plan in Honolulu, U.S.A. -- Valentine Huet 6. Turning urban fragilities into resources for a just climate governance -- Gilda Berruti and Maria Federica Palestino 7. Narratives on Babylon Hill: Exploring the making of a community and its urban forest through oral and environmental history (1985-2015) -- Lise Sedrez and Natasha Augusto Barbosa 8. Repositioning marginal spaces in climate adaptation: Periphery, power and possibility -- Karen Paiva Henrique 9. Immigrant communities in Europe as situated knowledge-holders for postcolonial and feminist urban adaptation to climate health risks -- Panagiota Kotsila 10. Small towns facing big problems: Sustainable development, social choice and the challenge of local-level organizing for the environment Insights from Flagler Beach, U.S.A. -- Chad Boda 11. Practices of resilience: questioning urban adaptation in the Chilean social upsurge -- Cristina Visconti 12. A user manual for just cities? -- Aurash Khawarzad Contributors Index
    Branch Library: IASS
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    Monograph available for loan
    Monograph available for loan
    Oxford : Oxford University Press
    Call number: PIK 24-95701
    Description / Table of Contents: Climate change raises new, foundational challenges in science. It requires us to question what we know and how we know it. The subject is important for society but the science is young and history tells us that scientists can get things wrong before they get them right. How, then, can we judge what information is reliable and what is open to question? Stainforth goes to the heart of the climate change problem to answer this question. He describes the fundamental characteristics of climate change and shows how they undermine the application of traditional research methods, demanding new approaches to both scientific and societal questions. He argues for a rethinking of how we go about the study of climate change in the physical sciences, the social sciences, economics, and policy. The subject requires nothing less than a restructuring of academic research to enable integration of expertise across diverse disciplines and perspectives.
    Type of Medium: Monograph available for loan
    Pages: vi, 356 Seiten , Illustrationen, Diagramme
    ISBN: 9780198812937
    Language: English
    Location: A 18 - must be ordered
    Branch Library: PIK Library
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    Monograph available for loan
    Monograph available for loan
    Heidelberg : dpunkt.verlag
    Call number: 18/M 24.95712
    Description / Table of Contents: Intro -- Der Autor -- Der Fachgutachter -- Danksagung -- Vorwort zur dritten Auflage -- Einleitung -- Zielgruppe -- Lernstoff -- Onlinematerial -- Warum Python? -- Grundlagen -- Erste Schritte -- Die Programmierumgebung einrichten -- Python-Versionen -- Python-Codeausschnitte ausführen -- Der Editor VS Code -- Python auf verschiedenen Betriebssystemen -- Python unter Windows -- Python unter macOS -- Python unter Linux -- Das Hello-World-Programm ausführen -- Die Python-Erweiterung für VS Code installieren -- ausführen -- Fehlersuche -- Python-Programme im Terminal ausführen -- Unter Windows -- Unter Linux und macOS -- Zusammenfassung -- Variablen und einfache Datentypen -- Was bei der Ausführung von wirklich geschieht -- Variablen -- Variablen benennen und verwenden -- Fehler bei Variablennamen vermeiden -- Variablen sind Etiketten -- Strings -- Groß- und Kleinschreibung mithilfe von Methoden ändern -- Variablen in Strings verwenden -- Weißraum hinzufügen -- Weißraum entfernen -- Entfernen von Präfixen -- Syntaxfehler bei der Stringverarbeitung vermeiden -- Zahlen -- Integer -- Fließkommazahlen -- Integer und Fließkommazahlen -- Unterstriche in Zahlen -- Mehrfachzuweisung -- Konstanten -- Kommentare -- Wie werden Kommentare geschrieben? -- Was für Kommentare sind sinnvoll? -- The Zen of Python -- Zusammenfassung -- Eine Einführung in Listen -- Was sind Listen? -- Elemente in einer Liste ansprechen -- Indizes beginnen bei 0, nicht bei 1 -- Einzelne Werte aus einer Liste verwenden -- Elemente verändern, hinzufügen und entfernen -- Elemente in einer Liste ändern -- Elemente zu einer Liste hinzufügen -- Elemente aus einer Liste entfernen -- Listen ordnen -- Listen mit sort() dauerhaft sortieren -- Listen mit der Funktion sorted() vorübergehend sortieren -- Listen in umgekehrter Reihenfolge ausgeben.
    Type of Medium: Monograph available for loan
    Pages: xxxv, 610 Seiten , Illustrationen, Diagramme, Karten
    Edition: 3., überarbeitete und aktualisierte Auflage
    ISBN: 978-3-86490-989-4
    Language: German
    Location: Reading room
    Branch Library: GFZ Library
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