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    Publication Date: 2018-10-05
    Description: White Spot Disease (WSD) is a important disease due to economic impacts in shrimp industries. Spreading of this disease in shrimp farms can caused a 100% mortality during 3-10 days. Therefore control of this disease is a strategy in shrimp industry. Vaccination is a way to control of WSD. In several years ago during a project several type vaccine of this virus by association of Atomic Energy Organization is produced that among of them the virus inactivated by GAMA radiation had better results in laboratory. To test of this vaccine in field, a research pilot was carried out. Initially 20000 shrimp napliies were obtained from one of commercial hatchery in Bushehr province, then devided to two groups vaccinated and unvaccinated. The vaccinated group also devided . 26and PL12 , group B vaccinated at PL15and PL 5to two groups, group A that vaccinated at postlarva e (PL) Rrsults showed that difference of growth performance and survival rate between vaccinated and unvaccinated without challenge with WSV after 80 days is not significantly (P〈0.05). but survival rate in vaccinated groups after challenge with WSV was significantly (P〈0.05) further the unvaccinated group. Also the results showed survival rate of group B after challenge with WSV is better than group A and this difference was significantly (P〈0.05). this study showed vaccination of shrimp postlarvae with GAMA radiation vaccine can control of shrimp mortality in incidence of WSD in farms.
    Keywords: Health
    Repository Name: Aquatic Commons
    Type: Monograph or Serial Issue , NonPeerReviewed
    Format: application/pdf
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