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  • 61.70.Wp  (1)
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    ISSN: 1612-1112
    Keywords: Affinity chromatography ; Affinity electrophoresis ; Bile acid transport proteins ; Bile acid derivatives
    Source: Springer Online Journal Archives 1860-2000
    Topics: Chemistry and Pharmacology
    Notes: Summary For the purification of the bile acid transport proteins from rat hepatocytes high affinity taurocholic acid derivatives were synthesized. One type was designed for coupling to a Sepharose matrix and the other for copolymerization with acrylamide. The resulting matrices were found to be suitable for affinity chromatography and affinity electrophoresis. In both syntheses, 3α, 12α-dihydroxy-7β-amino (tauro) cholic acid derivatives were used as the starting material, since substitution in this position had previously been shown not to alter transport affinity constant.
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    ISSN: 1432-0630
    Keywords: 61.70.Tm ; 61.70.Wp ; 61.80.Jh.
    Source: Springer Online Journal Archives 1860-2000
    Topics: Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Production Engineering, Mining and Metallurgy, Traffic Engineering, Precision Mechanics , Physics
    Notes: Abstract Deuterons of 10 keV energy and protons with the same mean projected range have been implanted into several metals at a temperature of approximately 35 K and at dose rates of approximately 2 × 1014 cm−2 s−1. The amount of retained deuterium saturates at fluences larger than roughly 2 × 1018 cm−2. After implantation of deuterons and subsequent bombardment with protons, the deuteron depth profiles show characteristic double peak structures, which indicate a replacement process. The experimental data are in good agreement with a simple model of local saturation and mixing. The possible implications of this model are discussed.
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    Publication Date: 2019-07-12
    Description: In connection with the establishment of a lunar base, it would be necessary to provide water, and the feasibility to obtain water from solar wind (SW) implanted lunar soils has been considered. In this context, a project involving the examination of materials under conditions of simulated SW irradiation has been initiated. A description is presented of initial results on oligoclase, ilmenite, and simulated lunar glass (SLG). Attention is given to the reaction chamber, the target materials, the saturation concentrations, aspects of water release, depth profiles, thermal release, effects from helium-3 preimplants, mechanisms of possible water release related to direct emission and thermal release, and lunar soil components enriched in trapped SW hydrogen. It is found that ilmenite stores about twice as much deuterium as the other target materials. However, it is unknown whether the small enrichment factor will be sufficient to make the material a potential source of lunar water.
    Type: Journal of Geophysical Research (ISSN 0148-0227); 91; D467-D47
    Format: text
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