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    ISSN: 1432-0487
    Source: Springer Online Journal Archives 1860-2000
    Topics: Electrical Engineering, Measurement and Control Technology
    Description / Table of Contents: Summary It is reported on details of a new effect discovered some time ago with positive and negative gliding discharges occurring at the same time on both sides of a plate insulator the surfaces of which are only partly covered by coaxial electrodes. The effect is characterized by the fact that the positive and negative discharges on different plate sides take themselves with one another. Therefore it is named as „Mitnahmeeffekt”. Measurements constituted that the spreading of both side discharges is very regular and obeys in principle equal laws as for one side gliding discharges.
    Notes: Übersicht Es wird über Einzelheiten eines vor einiger Zeit gefundenen neuen Effekts berichter, der auftritt, wenn gleichzeitig positive und negative Gleitentladungen auf den beiden, nur teilweise von koaxialen Elektroden bedeckten Seiten eines plattenförmigen Isolators zustande kommen. Der Effekt ist dadurch gekennzeichnet, daß sich die positiven und negativen Entladungen auf den verschiedenen Plattensciten gegenseitig mitnchmen. Er wird deshalb als Mitnahmeeffekt bezeichnet. Durch Messungen wurde festgestellt daß die Ausbreitung der beiderseitigen Entladungen sehr regelmäßig ist und im Prinzip gleichen Gesetzen wie für einseitige Gleitentladungen.
    Type of Medium: Electronic Resource
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    Publication Date: 2016-11-24
    Description: A model simulation of the climate during Maunder Minimum (MM) (1645–1715) was performed using the Freie Universität Berlin Climate Middle Atmosphere Model (FUB-CMAM). A multi-year equilibrium integration with prescribed solar insolation, atmospheric composition and sea surface temperatures (SSTs) for MM conditions was compared with a present-day (PD) simulation. We find that during MM the stratosphere was significantly warmer (up to 3 K) than during PD, and dynamically more disturbed in winter. The warming is due to the dominant effect of the lower atmospheric CO2 concentration during MM, which leads to a reduced emission of long-wave radiation, and compensates the cooling due to the reduced solar irradiance. The troposphere was about 1–1.5 K cooler in the annual mean during MM. The global mean surface air temperature decreased by 0.86 K. Northern hemisphere winters were on average characterized by cooler and drier weather over the northern parts of the continents, with an increase in precipitation in the southern parts. These climate anomalies are shown to be related to a shift in the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) towards a predominantly low phase during MM. The simulated climate anomalies are in very good agreement with reconstructions from proxy-data. Changes in the dynamical coupling between the troposphere and stratosphere were found in the MM simulation, indicating the importance of the stratosphere for climate change.
    Type: Article , PeerReviewed
    Format: text
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    Publication Date: 2008-04-09
    Description: The objective of this study is the scale dependent evaluation of precipitation forecasts of the Lokal-Modell (LM) from the German Weather Service in relation to dynamical and cloud parameters. For this purpose the newly designed Dynamic State Index (DSI) is correlated with clouds and precipitation. The DSI quantitatively describes the deviation and relative distance from a stationary and adiabatic solution of the primitive equations. A case study and statistical analysis of clouds and precipitation demonstrates the availability of the DSI as a dynamical threshold parameter. This confirms the importance of imbalances of the atmospheric flow field, which dynamically induce the generation of rainfall.
    Print ISSN: 1680-7340
    Electronic ISSN: 1680-7359
    Topics: Geosciences
    Published by Copernicus on behalf of European Geosciences Union (EGU).
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