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    Electronic Resource
    Electronic Resource
    [s.l.] : Macmillian Magazines Ltd.
    Nature 425 (2003), S. 65-69 
    ISSN: 1476-4687
    Source: Nature Archives 1869 - 2009
    Topics: Biology , Chemistry and Pharmacology , Medicine , Natural Sciences in General , Physics
    Notes: [Auszug] The Late Devonian genus Ichthyostega was for many decades the earliest known tetrapod, and the sole representative of a transitional form between a fish and a land vertebrate. However, despite being known since 1932 (ref. 1) from a large collection of specimens, its morphology ...
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    In:  Geological Society Special Publication 207: 131-150.
    Publication Date: 2003-01-01
    Description: The margin between Cote d'Ivoire and the Niger Delta is a region with a common structural history, this being reflected in similarities in the stratigraphic response and play fairways identified across the region. There has been significant exploration on the narrow shelf characterizing the margin, resulting in a series of modest oil and gas discoveries. It is shown in this paper that many of the aspects of the plays in the unexplored deep-water regions of the margin are considerably more favourable to the development of giant fields than those on the shelf. This play-fairway review is based on the integration of existing publications with focused studies of multiclient 3-D seismic data over a number of areas. Play fairways are classified by seismic sequence and trap type, with an analysis of each undertaken. The most attractive deep-water play types are: (1) anticlinal traps involving late syn-transform (Apto-Albian) and early post-transform (Late Cretaceous) reservoirs, (2) combination traps involving ponded turbidites on the shoreward flanks of these highs, and (3) stratigraphic traps associated with large Late Cretaceous submarine fan complexes. The anticlinal play is associated with the terminations of the St Paul and Romanche fracture zones, with the more recent structuring generally associated with the latter. 3-D imaging and amplitude mapping is critical to prospect delineation, particularly for the combination and stratigraphic plays. Active kitchens are evidenced involving Early and Late Cretaceous source rocks in the Cote d'Ivoire and western Ghana to Nigeria segments of the region, which are consequently upgraded. Considerable volumetric potential is indicated that promises to make the region one of significant new exploration activity in coming years.
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    Publication Date: 2019-07-18
    Description: Following the breakup of the Space Shuttle Columbia during reentry a NASA-wide investigation team was formed to examine the probable damage inflicted on Orbiter Thermal Protection System (TPS) elements by impact of External Tank insulating foam projectiles. Our team was to apply rigorous, physics-based analysis techniques to help determine parameters of interest for an experimental test program, utilize validated codes to investigate the full range of impact scenarios, and use analysis derived models to predict aero-thermal-structural responses to entry conditions. We were to operate on a non-interference basis with the j Team, and were to supply significant findings to that team and to the Orbiter Vehicle Engineering Working Group, being responsive to any solicitations for support from these entities. The authors formed a working sub-group within the larger team to apply the Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics code SPHC to the damage estimation problem. Numerical models of the LI-900 TPS tiles and of the BX-250 foam were constructed and used as inputs into the code. Material properties needed to properly model the tiles and foam were obtained from other working sub-groups who performed tests on these items for this purpose. Two- and three- dimensional models of the tiles were constructed, including the glass outer layer, the densified lower layer of LI-900 insulation, the Nomex felt Strain Isolation Pad (SIP) mounting layer, and the underlying aluminum 2024 vehicle skin. A model for the BX-250 foam including porous compression, elastic rebound, and surface erosion was developed. Code results for the tile damage and foam behavior were extensively validated through comparison with the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) foam-on-tile impact experiments carried out in 1999. These tests involved small projectiles striking individual tiles and small tile arrays. Following code and model validation we simulated impacts of larger ET foam projectiles on the TPS tile systems used on the wings of the orbiter. Tiles used on the Wing Acreage, the Main Landing Gear Door, and the Carrier Panels near the front edge of the wing were modeled. Foam impacts shot for the CAB investigation were modeled, as well as impacts at larger angles, including rapid rotation of the projectile, and with varying foam properties. General results suggest that foam impacts on tiles at about 500 mph could cause appreciable damage if the impact angle is greater than about 20 degrees. Some variations of the foam properties, such as increased brittleness or increased density could increase damage in some cases. Rapid (17 rps) rotation failed to increase the damage for the two cases considered. This does not rule out other cases in which the rotational energy might lead to an increase in tile damage, but suggests that in most cases rotation will not be an important factor. Similar models will be applied for other impacting materials, other velocities, and other geometries as part of the Return to Flight process.
    Keywords: Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance
    Type: 42nd AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit; 5-8 Jan. 2004; Reno, NV; United States
    Format: text
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    Publication Date: 2003-01-01
    Print ISSN: 0305-8719
    Electronic ISSN: 2041-4927
    Topics: Geosciences
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