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    Call number: 9783030642020 (e-book)
    In: Water science and technology library, Volume 98
    Description / Table of Contents: This book provides insights and a capacity to understand the climate change phenomenon, its impact on water resources, and possible remedial measures. The impact of climate change on water resources is a global issue and cause for concern. Water resources in many countries are extremely stressed, and climate change along with burgeoning populations, the rise in living standards, and increasing demand on resources are factors which serve to exacerbate this stress. The chapters provide information on tools that will be useful to mitigate the adverse consequences of natural disasters. Fundamental to addressing these issues is hydrological modelling which is discussed in this book and ways to combat climate change as an important aspect of water resource management.
    Type of Medium: 12
    Pages: 1 Online-Ressource (xvi, 551 Seiten) , Illustrationen
    ISBN: 9783030642020 , 978-3-030-64202-0
    ISSN: 0921-092X , 1872-4663
    Series Statement: Water science and technology library Volume 98
    Language: English
    Note: Contents 1 Trend Analyses of Seasonal Mean Temperature Series Pertaining to the Tapi River Basin Using Monthly Data / Ganesh D. Kale 2 Dry Spell and Wet Spell Characterisation of Nandani River Basin, Western Maharashtra, India / Abhijit Mohanrao Zende and Prashant Basavaraj Bhagawati 3 Assessment of Climate Change on Crop Water Requirement in Tandula Command of Chhattisgarh (India) / Rahul Kumar Jaiswal, H. L. Tiwari, and Anil Kumar Lohani 4 Impact of Climate Change on Hydrological Regime of Narmada River Basin / Deepak Kumar Tiwari, H. L. Tiwari, Raman Nateriya, and Satanand Mishra 5 Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in Ethiopia / Abiot Ketema and G. S. Dwarakish 6 Spatio-Temporal Trend Analysis of Long-Term IMD-Gridded Precipitation in Godavari River Basin, India / C. H. Praveenkumar and V. Jothiprakash 7 Forecasting Reference Evapotranspiration Using Artificial Neural Network for Nagpur Region / Nikhil Band, Aniruddha Ghare, and Avinash Vasudeo 8 Time-Varying Downscaling Model (TVDM) and its Benefit to Capture Extreme Rainfall / Subbarao Pichuka and Rajib Maity 9 An Assessment of Impact of Land Use–Land Cover and Climate Change on Quality of River Using Water Quality Index / Manisha Jamgade and Shrikant Charhate 10 Assessment of Tail Behavior of Probability Distributions of Daily Precipitation Data Over India / Neha Gupta and Sagar Rohidas Chavan 11 Benefit of Time-Varying Models Developed Using Graphical Modeling Approach for Probabilistic Prediction of Monthly Streamflow / Riya Dutta and Rajib Maity 12 Determination of Effective Discharge Responsible for Sediment Transport in Cauvery River Basin / Shobhit Maheshwari and Sagar Rohidas Chavan 13 A Comparative Study of Potential Evapotranspiration in an Agroforestry Region of Western Ghats, India / Pandu Narayana and K. Varija 14 Influence of Air Temperature on Local Precipitation Extremes Across India / Sachidanand Kumar, Kironmala Chanda, and Srinivas Pasupuleti 15 Effect of Spatial and Temporal Land Use-Land Cover Change on the Rainfall Trend: A Case Study in Kerala / Lini R. Chandran and P. G. Jairaj 16 Innovations and Application of Operational Ocean Data Products for Security of Marine Environment / Madhulika Sinha and Shrikant Charhate 17 Statistical Downscaling of Sea Level by Support Vector Machine and Regression Tree Approaches / S. Sithara, S. K. Pramada, and Santosh G. Thampi 18 Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Crop Yield in Upper Godavari River Sub-basin Using H08 Hydrological Model / Pushpendra Raghav and T. I. Eldho 19 Evaluation of Time Discretization of Daily Rainfall From the Literature for a Specific Site / R. Harshanth, Saha Dauji, and P. K. Srivastava 20 Quality Checks on Continuous Rainfall Records: A Case Study / R. Harshanth, Saha Dauji, and P. K. Srivastava 21 Assuring Water Intake Sustainability Under Changing Climate / Gaurav Talukdar and Arup Kumar Sarma 22 Characteristics of Gldas Evapotranspiration and Its Response to Climate Variability Across Ganga Basin, India / Lalit Pal, C. S. P. Ojha, and Amit Kumar 23 Seasonal and Inter-Annual Variability of Sea Surface Temperature and Its Correlation with Maximum Sustained Wind Speed in Bay of Bengal / Jiya Albert and Prasad K. Bhaskaran 24 Comparison of CMIP5 Wind Speed from Global Climate Models with In-Situ Observations for the Bay of Bengal / Athira Krishnan and Prasad K. Bhaskaran 25 Trend Analysis of Temperature for Eastern Ganga Canal Command / Radha Krishan, Bhaskar R. Nikam, and Deepak Khare 26 Analysis of Long-Term Rainfall Trends in Rajasthan, India / Darshan Mehta and S. M. Yadav 27 Statistical Downscaling of GCM Output and Simulation of Rainfall Scenarios for Brahmani Basin / Lasyamayee Lopamudra Sahoo and Kanhu Charan Patra 28 Impact of Land Use–Land Cover Changes on the Streamflow of the Kolab River Basin Using SWAT Model / Partha Sarathi Bhunia and Kanhu Charan Patra 29 Statistical Downscaling of Climatic Variables in Indo-Gangatic Alluvial Plain / Prabhakar Shukla and Raj Mohan Singh 30 Comparing Global High-Resolution Precipitation Data with Rain Gauge Data in Assam, India / Pulendra Dutta, Dipsikha Devi, and Arup Kr. Sarma 31 Variability of Rainfall, Temperature and Potential Evapotranspiration at Annual Time Scale Over Tapi to Tadri River Basin, India / Prem Mahyavanshi, V. D. Loliyana, and Priyank J. Sharma 32 Climate Change and Water Resources: Emerging Challenges, Vulnerability and Adaptation in Indian Scenario / Y. Shiva Shankar, Abhishek Kumar, and Devendra Mohan 33 Observed Spatio-Temporal Trends of Precipitation and Temperature Over Afghanistan / S. Rehana, P. Krishna Reddy, N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy, Abdul Raheem Daud, Shoaib Saboory, Shoaib Khaksari, S. K. Tomer, and U. Sowjanya 34 Identification of Historical Shift, Dispersion, and Trend of the Monsoon Season for Guwahati City Using Fuzzy Segmentation and Trend Analyses / Amrutha Suresh and Pekkat Sreeja 35 Analysis of Intensity–Duration– Frequency and Depth–Duration– Frequency Curve Projections Under Climate Variability / Manish Kumar Sinha, Klaus Baier, Rafig Azzam, M. K. Verma, and Ramakar Jha 36 Changes in Monthly Hydro-Climatic Indices for Middle Tapi Basin, India / Priyank J. Sharma, P. L. Patel, and V. Jothiprakash 37 Multiobjective Automatic Calibration of a Physically Based Hydrologic Model Using Multiobjective Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm / Saswata Nandi and M. Janga Reddy 38 Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System-Based Yield Forecast Using Climatic Variables / Kalpesh Borse and P. G. Agnihotri 39 Impact of Climate Change on Hydrological Parameters / Arunima Priyadarsini Patnaik and Bandita Naik 40 Morphometric Analysis of Kosi River Basin, Bihar, India Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques / Niraj Kumar and Ramakar Jha 41 Simulation of Impact of Climate Change on the Performance of a Reservoir System in Eastern India / Satabdi Saha, Debasri Roy, and Rajib Das 42 Assessing the Impact of Spatial Resolution on Land Surface Model Based on Hydrologic Simulations / Aiendrila Dey and Renji Remesan 43 Infilling Missing Monthly Maximum and Minimum Temperature Dataset by EM Algorithm Followed by Distribution Based Statistical Assessment Using Eight Absolute Homogeneity Tests / P. Kabbilawsh, D. Sathish Kumar, and N. R. Chithra 44 Multisite Monthly to Daily Naturalised Streamflow Disaggregation Using Daily Flow Pattern Hydrograph / Vivek Verma 45 Error Analysis of TMPA Near Real-Time Precipitation Estimates for an Indian Monsoon Region / Ashish Kumar and RAAJ Ramsankaran 46 Comparison of Selection of Predictors for Statistical Downscaling of Precipitation Using Different Statistical Techniques / Kumar Keshav, Vivekanand Singh, and Roshni Thendiyath
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