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Advances in Microfluidics : New Applications in Biology, Energy, and Materials Sciences (2016)
Rijeka, Croatia : InTech
Keywords: microfluidics ; CO2 sequestration ; CO2 capture ; flow control
Notes: Increasing innovations and applications make microfluidics a versatile choice for researchers in many disciplines. This book consists of multiple review chapters that aim to cover recent advances and new applications of microfluidics in biology, electronics, energy, and materials sciences. It provides comprehensive views of various aspects of microfluidics ranging from fundamentals of fabrication, flow control, and droplet manipulation to the most recent exploration in emerging areas such as material synthesis, imaging and novel spectroscopy, and marriage with electronics. The chapters have many illustrations showcasing exciting results. This book should be useful for those who are eager to learn more about microfluidics as well as researchers who want to pick up new concepts and developments in this fast-growing field.
Pages: 420 S.
ISBN: 978-953-51-2785-7
Composites from Renewable and Sustainable Materials (2016)
Rijeka, Croatia : InTech
Keywords: renewable material ; sustainable material
Notes: Composites from Renewable and Sustainable Materials consists of 16 chapters written by international subject matter experts investigating the characteristic and current application of materials from renewable and sustainable sources. The reader will develop a deeper understanding about the concepts related to renewable materials, biomaterials, natural fibers, biodegradable composites, starch, and recycled materials. This book will serve as the starting point for materials science researchers, engineers, and technologists from the diverse backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, and engineering who want to know and better understand the fundamental aspects and current applications of renewable and sustainable materials in several applications.
Pages: 342 S.
ISBN: 978-953-51-2793-2
Global Volcanic Hazards and Risk (2015)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press
Keywords: Earth and Environmental Sciences ; Optimisation ; Mineralogy ; Petrology and Volcanology
Notes: Originally prepared for the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, this is the first comprehensive assessment of global volcanic hazards and risk, presenting the state of the art in our understanding of global volcanic activity. It examines our assessment and management capabilities, and considers the preparedness of the global scientific community and government agencies to manage volcanic hazards and risk. Particular attention is paid to volcanic ash, the most frequent and wide-ranging volcanic hazard. Of interest to government officials, the private sector, students and researchers, this book is a key resource for the disaster risk reduction community and for those interested in volcanology and natural hazards. A non-technical summary is included for policy makers. Regional volcanic hazard profiles, with invaluable information on volcanic hazards and risk at the local, national and global scale, are provided online. This title is available as an Open Access eBook via Cambridge Books Online.
Pages: XIV, 1208 S.
ISBN: 978-1-107-11175-2
Geohazards Caused by Human Activity (2016)
Rijeka, Croatia : InTech
Keywords: geohazards ; natural disasters
Notes: This book is based on the contributions of several authors and attempts to describe the roles human activities play in causing geohazards either directly or indirectly through man-made climate change. The risk of these man-made geohazards and the risk assessment are also discussed in this book. Each chapter keeps the authors' notations that vary from chapter to chapter. These authors' notations have been maintained to reduce unintended confusion and errors. Readers should be aware of this variation.
Pages: 150 S.
ISBN: 978-953-51-2801-4