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Categories and Functors (1970)
New York : Academic Press
Keywords: DDC 512.817 ; LC QA3
Pages: viii, 268 p.
ISBN: 978-0-12-374575-0
Character Theory of Finite Groups (1976)
New York : Academic Press
Keywords: DDC 510 s ; DDC 530.1/2/01515733 ; LC QA3
Pages: xii, 303 p.
ISBN: 978-0-12-374550-7
Quantum Mechanics in Hilbert Space (1971)
Boston : Academic Press
Keywords: DDC 510 s ; DDC 531 ; LC QA3 ; LC QA808.2eb ; Quantum mechanics
Pages: xv, 648 p.
Edition: 2nd ed. corr., rev., and augmented
ISBN: 978-0-12-374576-7
Fulfilling the Promise of Technology Transfer : Fostering Innovation for the Benefit of Society (2013)
Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: China ; Growth ; Infrastructure ; Investment ; Pakistan ; Philippines
Notes: Universities and research institutes are increasingly expected to contribute to society by creating innovation from the returns of their research results and the establishment of new technologies. Toward that goal, Keio University in Japan held an international symposium titled “Fulfilling the Promise of Technology Transfer: Fostering Innovation for the Benefit of Society.” From that symposium the following contents are included in the present volume: 1) A showcase of ideas and case studies to promote future creation of innovation by universities and research institutes worldwide, including information on the R&D value chain, licensing, income generation, start-ups and mechanisms to encourage entrepreneurship, and the changing role of universities in fostering innovation. 2) Introduction of active research projects that aim to productize successful research results on an international level. For example, the book includes results of research on stem cell technologies and regenerative medicine as well as the realization and application of polymer photonics and the development of the core technology of polymer photonics. 3) Case studies from the U.K. in developing industry–academia collaboration with various business partners ranging from start-ups and spinout companies to large enterprises. 4) Reports of the achievements of the technological transfer activities at Keio University supported by the 5-year public fund, with suggestions for future prospects.
Pages: VIII, 128 p.
ISBN: 978-4-431-54305-3
Infrastructure and Economic Growth in Asia (2013)
Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: China ; Growth ; Infrastructure ; Investment ; Pakistan ; Philippines
Notes: Public spending on infrastructure plays an important role in promoting economic growth and poverty alleviation. Empirical studies unequivocally show that under-investment in infrastructure limits economic growth. At the same time, numerous other studies have shown that investment in infrastructure can be an effective tool in fighting poverty reduction. In that context, the financing of infrastructure has been a critical element of most economic growth and poverty reduction strategies in developing countries since the start of this millennium. This book provides a comparative analysis of the aggregate and sectoral implications of higher spending on infrastructure in three very different Asian countries: China, Pakistan, and the Philippines. Particular attention is paid to the role of alternative financing mechanisms for increasing public infrastructure investment, namely distortionary and non-distortionary means of financing. The book will be of interest to scholars and policy-makers concerned with economic growth in developing countries
Pages: IX, 148 S.
ISBN: 978-3-319-03136-1
Environmental Leadership Capacity Building in Higher Education : Experience and Lessons from Asian Program for Incubation of Environmental Leaders (2013)
Tokyo, Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: APIEL ; ESD ; Environmental Issues in Asia ; Environmental Leadership Education ; Leadership Attribute and Skills ; Sustainability ; Sustainable Development
Notes: The Graduate Program in Sustainability Science under the Department of Urban Engineering of The University of Tokyo has been running an environmental leadership education program at the graduate student level since 2007 called the Asian Program for Incubation of Environmental Leaders (APIEL). This book describes the University’s experiences in establishing and organizing that program and provides some lessons learned for those who are considering starting environmental leadership education programs. APIEL’s curriculum includes the classroom topic “Environmental Challenges and Leadership in Asia.” As well, the APIEL program has field units to provide experience in problem solving, decision making, and participation, taking into consideration ecological, political, economic, social, aesthetic, and ethical aspects. Another characteristic feature of the program is that it promotes changes in attitudes and behavior that will help to solve existing environmental problems and to avoid a generation of new ones. Over the four years of study, efforts have been made to bond leadership with field-oriented exercises such as: 1) The Intensive Program on Sustainability; 2) an integral approach focused on sustainable integrated watershed management of arid regions; 3) sustainable development of programs in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand for qualifying students with problem-solving processes to combat issues such as flooding, lack of proper urban environmental infrastructure, and health risks; and 4) the Greater Pearl River Delta program with multicultural diversity to bring about sustainable urban development for a green city. All of those are described in the book. Last but not least, APIEL’s resonance throughout international networks and alumni are introduced.
Pages: XI, 140 S.
ISBN: 978-4-431-54339-8
Finance for Food : Towards New Agricultural and Rural Finance (2014)
Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: Agricultural Finance ; Developing Countries ; Microfinance ; Rural Development ; Rural Finance
Notes: This book reflects the current state of discussion about agricultural and rural finance in developing and transition countries. It provides insight into specific themes, such as commodity value chains, farm banking, risk management in agricultural banking, structured finance, crop insurance, mobile banking, and how to increase effectiveness in rural finance. Case studies illustrate various aspects of agricultural and rural finance in developing economies. The book is based on one of the yearly financial Sector Development Symposia held by the KfW Development Bank.
Pages: XII , 295 S.
ISBN: 978-3-642-54033-2
Natural Computing and Beyond : Winter School Hakodate 2011, Hakodate, Japan, March 2011 and 6th International Workshop on Natural Computing, Tokyo, Japan, March (2013)
Tokyo : SpringerOpen
Keywords: Computational Aesthetics ; Computing with Natural media ; Harness the Nature for Computation ; Synthetic Biology
Notes: This book contains the joint proceedings of the Winter School of Hakodate (WSH) 2011 held in Hakodate, Japan, March 15–16, 2011, and the 6th International Workshop on Natural Computing (6th IWNC) held in Tokyo, Japan, March 28–30, 2012, organized by the Special Interest Group of Natural Computing (SIG-NAC), the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI). This volume compiles refereed contributions to various aspects of natural computing, ranging from computing with slime mold, artificial chemistry, eco-physics, and synthetic biology, to computational aesthetics.
Pages: XII, 155 S.
ISBN: 978-4-431-54393-0
Sexual Reproduction in Animals and Plants (2014)
Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: Animal ; Gamete fusion ; Plant ; Reproduction ; Self-incompatibility
Notes: This book contains the proceedings of the International Symposium on the Mechanisms of Sexual Reproduction in Animals and Plants, where many plant and animal reproductive biologists gathered to discuss their recent progress in investigating the shared mechanisms and factors involved in sexual reproduction. This now is the first book that reviews recent progress in almost all fields of plant and animal fertilization. It was recently reported that the self-sterile mechanism of a hermaphroditic marine invertebrate (ascidian) is very similar to the self-incompatibility system in flowering plants. It was also found that a male factor expressed in the sperm cells of flowering plants is involved in gamete fusion not only of plants but also of animals and parasites. These discoveries have led to the consideration that the core mechanisms or factors involved in sexual reproduction may be shared by animals, plants and unicellular organisms. This valuable book is highly useful for reproductive biologists as well as for biological scientists outside this field in understanding the current progress of reproductive biology.
Pages: XII, 480 S.
ISBN: 978-4-431-54588-0
The South Texas Health Status Review : A Health Disparities Roadmap (2013)
Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: health disparities ; HIV/AIDS ; TB ; asthma ; cancer ; diabetes ; maternal and child health
Notes: As America's most populous state goes, so goes the nation. And within that state, the 38 counties comprising South Texas--a highly populated, largely Hispanic area characterized by high uninsured rates and low numbers of health care providers--are emblematic of nationwide crises in public health. The South Texas Health Status Review: A Health Disparities Roadmap brings health care disparities to light in instructive detail. Over thirty key health conditions and risk factors, such as breast cancer, diabetes, obesity, tuberculosis, smoking and alcohol use, lead exposure, birth defects, and homicide rates, are analyzed by age, sex, race/ethnicity, and location (urban or rural), and the results compared with the rest of Texas and the nation as a whole. A section on conclusions and recommendations outlines factors contributing to these conditions and offers suggestions for improvement. These important data should stimulate further population studies and provide impetus for targeted public health interventions and community outreach programs to reduce health inequities and advance care access in the state and the U.S. at large. Major health issues covered in the report include: -Communicable diseases -Cancer incidence and mortality -Maternal and child health -Chronic diseases -Behavioral risk factors in adults -Environmental health issues -Suicide, homicide, and vehicular mortality The South Texas Health Status Review contains valuable lessons for researchers in health promotion and health disparities, as well as community health professionals. Policymakers involved in reducing health disparities will find it especially useful.
Pages: XVII, 138 S.
ISBN: 978-3-319-00232-3
Migration, Gender and Social Justice : Perspectives on Human Insecurity (2014)
Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: Gender ; Human Rights ; Human Security ; Migration ; Research-Policy-Nexus
Notes: This book is the product of a collaborative effort involving partners from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America who were funded by the International Development Research Centre Programme on Women and Migration (2006-2011). The International Institute of Social Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam spearheaded a project intended to distill and refine the research findings, connecting them to broader literatures and interdisciplinary themes. The book examines commonalities and differences in the operation of various structures of power (gender, class, race/ethnicity, generation) and their interactions within the institutional domains of intra-national and especially inter-national migration that produce context-specific forms of social injustice. Additional contributions have been included so as to cover issues of legal liminality and how the social construction of not only femininity but also masculinity affects all migrants and all women. The resulting set of 19 detailed, interconnected case studies makes a valuable contribution to reorienting our perceptions and values in the discussions and decision-making concerning migration, and to raising awareness of key issues in migrants’ rights.
Pages: XII, 408 S.
ISBN: 978-3-642-28011-5
Nuel Belnap on Indeterminism and Free Action (2014)
Cham, Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: Action to free will ; Action with non-determinate effect ; Analysis of propositional contents of attitudes - Assertion problem ; BST structures and structures of FTA ; BST with a new PCP ; Basic Theory of Possible Ancestry ; Branching Time and Ontic Frugality ; CIFOL+ and elementary ranges ; Core features of Ockhamist branching time ; Fields and Outcomes Bordering Fields ; Future-directed speech acts ; How to generalize BST1992 ; Intuitionistic Logic ; Logical Frameworks for Agency ; Modeling indeterminacy of action ; Open Future Semantics ; Stit Frames ; Syntax and semantics ; Thin Red Line theory ; branching time ; case-relative truth in CIFOL+ ; concept of case relative truth ; concepts of speech act theory ; decision theory and deontic logic ; modal realism objection
Notes: This volume seeks to further the use of formal methods in clarifying one of the central problems of philosophy: that of our free human agency and its place in our indeterministic world. It celebrates the important contributions made in this area by Nuel Belnap, American logician and philosopher. Philosophically, indeterminism and free action can seem far apart, but in Belnap’s work, they are intimately linked. This book explores their philosophical interconnectedness through a selection of original research papers that build forth on Belnap’s logical and philosophical work. Some contributions take the form of critical discussions of Belnap's published work, some develop points made in his publications in new directions, and others provide additional insights on the topics of indeterminism and free action. In Nuel Belnap’s work on indeterminism and free action, three formal frameworks figure prominently: the simple branching histories framework known as "branching time;" its relativistic spatio-temporal extension, branching space-times; and the “seeing to it that” (stit) logic of agency. As those frameworks provide the formal background for the contributed papers, the volume introduction gives an overview of the current state of their development. It also introduces case-intensional first order logic (CIFOL), a general intensional logic offering resources for a first-order extension of the mentioned frameworks and a recent research focus of Belnap’s. The volume also contains an extended biographical interview with Nuel Belnap.
Pages: VI, 409 S.
ISBN: 978-3-319-01753-2
Microfinance 3.0 : Reconciling Sustainability with Social Outreach and Responsible Delivery (2013)
Tokyo : SpringerOpen
Keywords: Development Finance ; Good Corporate Governance ; Interest Rates ; Microfinance ; Sustainability ; Sustainable Development
Notes: This book focuses on the achievements, current trends and further potential of microfinance to scale-up and serve many more clients with financial services that enable them to improve their living conditions. The book asks what it takes to achieve sustainable impact: to know your clients and to understand their needs, to treat them in a fair and transparent way, and to safeguard the synthesis between the financial and social dimension of sustainable microfinance. The book also sheds light on the future funding landscape and what is necessary to bring more commercial funders on board while ensuring that these new funders will continue the commitment to responsible finance.While being forward looking, the book reflects the debate on core values of microfinance, triggered by recent criticisms of an approach that was hailed as a panacea in the beginning and which had proved over time as one of the most effective models of development finance. These criticisms emerged over signs of overheating in some markets, particularly the 2010 events in Andhra Pradesh, and turned into an assumption of a worldwide microfinance crisis, putting seriously at stake the good reputation microfinance had enjoyed so far.
Pages: XI, 199 S.
ISBN: 978-3-642-41703-0
Self-Reported Population Health: An International Perspective based on EQ-5D (2014)
Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: EQ-5D ; Population Health ; Quality-of-Life ; Utilities
Notes: The EQ-5D instrument, as a standardized, cross-culturally validated measure of self-assessed health has a hugely important role in understanding population health within and across countries. Over the past two decades a wealth of international population health survey data have been accumulated by the EuroQol Group from research conducted in many countries across four continents. One of the success factors of the EQ-5D instruments has been the easy availability of national or international sets of EQ-5D data, as well as clear explanations and guidance for users. There is an unmet need to produce a comprehensive book that captures up-to-date and expanded information of EQ-5D self-reported health and index values. EQ-5D population norms and cross-country analyses are provided from representative national surveys of 20 countries and additional regional surveys. This book will be a must for those who believe that how people report and value health is very important.
Pages: XV, 196 S.
ISBN: 978-94-007-7595-4
Marginality : Addressing the Nexus of Poverty, Exclusion and Ecology (2014)
Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London : SpringerOpen
Notes: This volume presents new insights on marginality, i.e. the situation of people living on the edge of socio-economic and ecological systems. The marginality concept leads to different development policies. While the prevalence of poverty declined by about 50 percent in the past two decades, any further reduction of poverty will be more difficult, because of high diversity of extremely poor people, and complex interrelations between poverty, exclusion and ecology. The marginality concept provides guidance to address this issue. Marginality entails addressing the structural forces of poverty, such as exclusion, discrimination and ecological degradations which lead to vulnerability of the poor. In this volume economists, ecology experts, geographers, agronomists, sociologist, and business experts come together to address marginality. The inter-disciplinary research offers conceptual innovations and presents the dimensions of marginality in developing countries. Economic, political, and environmental drivers are assessed and mapped globally and in detail for countries in Africa and Asia, especially Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia. Economic growth especially in rural areas remains and farming communities is central to poverty reduction but needs to be complemented with specific actions to reach those at the margins. The social policy actions and measures to end exclusions are highlighted, and the roles of the state, local government, business and community in them are pointed out for overcoming marginality.
Pages: XVII, 389 S.
ISBN: 978-94-007-7060-7
META-NET Strategic Research Agenda for Multilingual Europe 2020 (2013)
Tokyo, Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: Crosslingual and Multilingual ICT ; Language Technology ; META-NET ; Machine Translation : Multilingual Europe
Notes: In everyday communication, Europe’s citizens, business partners and politicians are inevitably confronted with language barriers. Language technology has the potential to overcome these barriers and to provide innovative interfaces to technologies and knowledge. This document presents a Strategic Research Agenda for Multilingual Europe 2020. The agenda was prepared by META-NET, a European Network of Excellence. META-NET consists of 60 research centres in 34 countries, who cooperate with stakeholders from economy, government agencies, research organisations, non-governmental organisations, language communities and European universities. META-NET’s vision is high-quality language technology for all European languages.
Pages: VIII, 87 S.
ISBN: 978-3-642-36348-1
S-BPM Illustrated : A Storybook about Business Process Modeling and Execution (2013)
Dordrecht, Heidelberg, New York, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: BPM ; business information systems ; business process management ; process modeling ; requirements engineering
Notes: S-BPM stands for “subject-oriented business process management” and focuses on subjects that represent the entities (people, programs etc.) that are actively engaged in processes. S-BPM has become one of the most widely discussed approaches for process professionals. Its potential particularly lies in the integration of advanced information technology with organizational and managerial methods to foster and leverage business innovation, operational excellence and intra- and inter-organizational collaboration. Thus S-BPM can also be understood as a stakeholder-oriented and social business process management methodology. In this book, the authors show how S-BPM and its tools can be used in order to solve communication and synchronization problems involving humans and/or machines in an organization. All the activities needed in order to implement a business process are shown step by step; it starts by analyzing the problem, continues with modeling and validating the corresponding process, and finishes off by embedding the process into the organization. The final result is a workflow that executes the process without the need for any programming. To this end, in the first step a very simple process is implemented, which is subsequently extended and improved in “adaption projects,” because additional problems have to be solved. This approach reflects the organizational reality, in which processes must always be changed and adapted to new requirements. This is a hands-on book, written by professionals for professionals, with a clear and concise style, a wealth of illustrations (as the title suggests), and focusing on an ongoing example with a real industrial background. Readers who want to execute all the steps by themselves can simply download the S-BPM tool suite from the website.
Pages: X, 143 S.
ISBN: 978-3-642-36903-2
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Klimaschutz als Weltbürgerbewegung : Sondergutachten (2014)
Berlin : WBGU
Call number: AWI
Location: AWI
Branch Library: AWI Library
Notes: Inhaltsverzeichnis: Kästen. - Tabellen. - Abbildungen. - Zusammenfassung. - Einleitung. - 1 Das Wissen über den anthropogenen Klimawandel. - 1 .1 Die globale Erwärmung ist eindeutig: Beobachtungen des Klimasystems. - 1.1.1 Erwärmung der Atmosphäre. - 1.1.2 Erwärmung des Ozeans. - 1.1.3 Ozeanversauerung. - 1.1.4 Schmelzen der Eismassen. - Meereis, gegenläufige Trends an den beiden Polen. - Die Eisschilde Grönlands und der Antarktis. - 1.1.5 Meeresspiegelanstieg. - 1 .2 Fähigkeiten und Grenzen von Klimamodellen und Szenarien. - 1.2.1 Klima- und Erdsystemmodelle. - 1.2.2 Integrierte Analysemodelle. - 1.2.3 Emissionsszenarien. - 1 .3 Der menschliche Einfluss auf das Klima ist evident: zum Verständnis der Zusammenhänge. - 1 .4 CO2 aus fossilen Energieträgern - der Kern des Klimaproblems. - 1.4.1 Die Rolle von CO2. - 1.4.2 Andere klimawirksame Gase und Stoffe. - 1 .5 Die zukünftige Entwicklung des Klimas hängt stark vom menschlichen Handeln ab. - 1.5.1 Representative Concentration Pathways - Ein Blick in die Zukunft. - 2.6: Ambitionierte Klimapolitik - Negative Emissionen. - RCP 8.5: Der Pfad zur Klimakatastrophe - Business as usual. - 1.5.2 Potenzielle Instabilitäten des Klimasystems - das Risiko der Auslösung nichtlinearer Prozesse. - 1 .6 Beobachtete Auswirkungen des Klimawandels. - 1 .7 Die zukünftigen Auswirkungen des globalen Klimawandels auf die natürlichen Lebensgrundlagen der Menschheit. - 1.7.1 Gefährliche anthropogene Störung des Klimasystems: fünf Gefährdungslagen. - 1.7.2 Kernrisiken für den Erhalt der natürlichen Lebensgrundlagen. - 1.7.3 Kernrisiken für Sektoren und Regionen: Beispiele. - Nahrungsproduktion und Ernährungssicherheit. - Süßwasserdargebot. - Städtische Verdichtungsräume. - Menschliche Gesundheit. - Verlust von Kulturerbe und kultureller Vielfalt. - Konfliktfaktor Klimawandel. - Migration. - Ökosysteme und biologische Vielfalt. - 1.7.4 Regionale Herausforderungen. - Europa. - Afrika und Asien. - 1 .8 Den anthropogenen Klimawandel begrenzen. - 1.8.1 Transformationspfade zur Einhaltung der 2?C-Leitplanke. - 1.8.2 Handlungsfelder und Sektoren für den Klimaschutz. - Energie. - Transport. - Gebäude. - Industrie. - Land- und Forstwirtschaft sowie weitere Landnutzung. - Menschliche Siedlungen, Infrastruktur und Raumplanung. - 1.8.3 Großtechnische Eingriffe. - Aktive Entfernung von CO2. - Manipulation der Strahlungsbilanz. - 1 .9 Rahmenbedingungen für die Transformation zu einer klimaverträglichen Gesellschaft. - 1.9.1 Emissionstrends und ihre Treiber. - 1.9.2 Klimaschutz erfordert neue Investitionsmuster. - 1.9.3 Klimaschutzmaßnahmen und ihre Zusatznutzen. - 1.9.4 Akteure und Bündnisse für den Klimaschutz. - 1 .10 Kernbotschaften. - 2 Herausforderungen für einen gerechten Klimaschutz. - 2 .1 Die Einhaltung der 2?C-Leitplanke als zentrales Ziel im internationalen Klimaschutz. - 2 .2 Voraussetzungen für die Einhaltung der 2?C-Leitplanke. - 2 .3 Verantwortung für die Einhaltung der 2?C-Leitplanke. - 2.3.1 Das Nullemissionsziel als gemeinsame Verantwortung für alle Staaten. - 2.3.2 Das Nullemissionsziel als gemeinsame Verantwortung aller gesellschaftlichen Akteure. - 2.3.3 Eine neue Verantwortungsarchitektur für den Klimaschutz: Das Zusammenspiel zwischen Weltbürgerbewegung und Multilateralismus. - 2 .4 Kernbotschaften. - 3 Vorschlag für ein Pariser Klimaprotokoll 2015. - 3 .1 Leitkonzept: Prozeduralisierung der 2?C-Leitplanke. - 3 .2 Pariser Protokoll: Allgemeiner Teil. - 3.2.1 Wissenschaftliche Expertise rechtsverbindlich verankern. - 3.2.2 Größtmögliche Transparenz durch Information gewährleisten. - 3.2.3 Akzeptanz und Kontrolle durch Beteiligung fördern. - 3.2.4 Befolgung durch Klagerechte verbessern. - 3 .3 Pariser Protokoll: Besonderer Teil. - 3.3.1 Klimaschützende Maßnahmen. - 2?C-Leitplanke als rechtsverbindlichen Maßstab verankern. - Globales Langfristziel verbindlich festlegen. - Vertragsstaatliche Zusagen zur CO2-Reduktion und Überprüfungsverfahren (Pledge-and-Review- Verfahren). - Berichterstattung klar strukturieren und verbindlich verankern. - 3.3.2 Anpassung: Fortführung und Stärkung vorhandener Maßnahmen. - 3.3.3 Verluste und Schäden: Warschau-Mechanismus ausbauen. - 3.3.4 Flexible Mechanismen. - Die flexiblen Mechanismen im Kyoto-Protokoll. - Zukünftige Nutzung flexibler Mechanismen. - 3.3.5 Ein Transformationsfonds für eine klimaverträgliche Wirtschaft. - Vorschlag für einen Transformationsfonds. - 3.3.6 Finanzierung. - 3 .4 Kernbotschaften. - 4 Narrative und Laboratorien für aktiven Klimaschutz. - 4 .1 Die Vitalisierung internationaler Verhandlungen. - 4 .2 Modularer Multilateralismus. - 4.2.1 Staaten-Clubs. - 4.2.2 Club der Metropolen: das Beispiel C40 Climate Leadership Group. - 4 .3 Individuelle und kollektive Verantwortung. - 4.3.1 Politischer Konsum: Boykott und Buykott. - 4.3.2 Individueller Emissionshandel: Beispiel CO2-Kreditkarte. - 4.3.3 Transition-Town-Bewegung. - 4.3.4 Divestition. - 4.3.5 Anpassungsnetzwerke. - 4.3.6 Städtenetzwerke. - 4 .4 Normativer und kognitiver Paradigmenwechsel. - 4.4.1 Von Reallaboren bis zur Citizen Science - zum unterschätzten Potenzial einertransformativen Wissenschaft. - 4.4.2 Impulse aus Religionsgemeinschaften. - 4 .5 Wiedereinbettung der Märkte. - 4.5.1 Multi-Stakeholder-Initiativen. - 4.5.2 Nachhaltiges öffentliches Beschaffungswesen. - 4.5.3 Energiegenossenschaften. - 4.5.4 Privatwirtschaftliche Akteure und deren Zusammenschlüsse. - 4.5.5 Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie. - 4 .6 Das Zusammenspiel. - 4 .7 Handlungsempfehlungen. - 4.7.1 Modularer Multilateralismus. - 4.7.2 Individuelle und kollektive Verantwortung stärken. - 4.7.3 Wiedereinbettung der Märkte. - 4 .8 Kernbotschaften. - 5 Forschungsempfehlungen. - 5 .1 Transformationsforschung und transformative Forschung. - 5.1.1 Transformationsforschung. - 5.1.2 Transformative Forschung und Wissenskoproduktion. - 5.1.3 Institutionelle Impulse. - 5 .2 Global Governance für die Transformation zur klimaverträglichen Gesellschaft. - 5.2.1 Governance- und Gerechtigkeitsfragen. - 5.2.2 Gestaltung des Pariser Klimaprotokolls. - 5.2.3 Integrative Ansätze. - 5.2.4 Forschung zu Niedrigemissionstechnologien und zu großtechnischen Eingriffen. - 5 .3 Ausgewählte Laboratorien für eine Transformation zur klimaverträglichen Gesellschaft. - 5.3.1 Förderung von Experimenten und Reallaboren. - 5.3.2 Politischer Konsum. - 5.3.3 Wissenschaftliche Begleitung lokaler Transformationsinitiativen. - 5.3.4 Städtenetzwerke. - 5.3.5 Anpassungsnetzwerke. - 5.3.6 Desertec. - 5.3.7 Transformationserfordernisse und -barrieren in der Privatwirtschaft. - 5.3.8 Entwicklung handelbarer Emissionsrechte für Privathaushalte. - 5.3.9 Integration nachhaltiger und innovations orientierter Beschaffung. - 5 .4 Epilog. - 6 Synopse. - 7 Literatur.
Pages: 133 S. : graph. Darst., Kt.
ISBN: 978-3-936191-42-4
DDC: 333.7
Dynamic Random Walks (2006)
Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier
Keywords: DDC 510 ; LC QA39.3 ; Mathematics
Notes: The aim of this book is to report on the progress realized in probability theory in the field of dynamic random walks and to present applications in computer science, mathematical physics and finance. Each chapter contains didactical material as well as more advanced technical sections. Few appendices will help refreshing memories (if necessary!).
Pages: xii, 266 p.
ISBN: 978-0-444-52735-6
Infinite Words : Automata, Semigroups, Logic and Games (2004)
Amsterdam ; San Diego, CA : Elsevier/Academic Press
Keywords: DDC 512.9 ; LC QA188
Notes: This chapter provides preface of the book Infinite Words: Automata, Semigroups, Logic and Games (Pure and Applied Mathematics). The theory of automata arose as an interdisciplinary field, with roots in several scientific domains, including pure mathematics, electronics, and computer science. This diversity is reflected in the material presented in this book, which covers topics related to computer science, algebra, logic, topology, and game theory. This book presents a comprehensive treatment of all aspects of this theory. It gathers for the first time basic results with advanced ones. Although several surveys have appeared on infinite words, this book is the first manual devoted to the topic.
Pages: 538 p.
ISBN: 978-0-12-532111-2
Dynamical Models in Biology (2001)
Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier Academic Press
Keywords: DDC 510 ; LC QA39.3 ; Mathematics
Notes: A down-to-earth introduction to the growing field of modern mathematical biology. Also includes appendices which provide background material that goes beyond advanced calculus and linear algebra
Pages: vii-viii, 2001 p.
ISBN: 978-0-12-249103-0
Handbook of Mathematical Formulas and Integrals (2004)
Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier
Keywords: DDC 532/.05 ; LC QA911
Notes: The updated Handbook is an essential reference for researchers and students in applied mathematics, engineering, and physics. It provides quick access to important formulas, relations, and methods from algebra, trigonometric and exponential functions, combinatorics, probability, matrix theory, calculus and vector calculus, ordinary and partial differential equations, Fourier series, orthogonal polynomials, and Laplace transforms. Many of the entries are based upon the updated sixth edition of Gradshteyn and Ryzhiks Table of Integrals, Series, and Products and other important reference works.
Pages: xxvi, 453 p.
Edition: 3rd ed
ISBN: 978-0-12-382256-7
Handbook of Quantum Logic and Quantum Structures : Quantum Structures (2007)
Amsterdam : Elsevier
Notes: Since its inception in the famous 1936 paper by Birkhoff and von Neumann entitled “The logic of quantum mechanics” quantum logic, i.e. the logical investigation of quantum mechanics, has undergone an enormous development. Various schools of thought and approaches have emerged and there are a variety of technical results. Quantum logic is a heterogeneous field of research ranging from investigations which may be termed logical in the traditional sense to studies focusing on structures which are on the border between algebra and logic. For the latter structures the term quantum structures is appropriate. The chapters of this Handbook, which are authored by the most eminent scholars in the field, constitute a comprehensive presentation of the main schools, approaches and results in the field of quantum logic and quantum structures. Much of the material presented is of recent origin representing the frontier of the subject. The present volume focuses on quantum structures. Among the structures studied extensively in this volume are, just to name a few, Hilbert lattices, D-posets, effect algebras MV algebras, partially ordered Abelian groups and those structures underlying quantum probability. - Written by eminent scholars in the field of logic - A comprehensive presentation of the theory, approaches and results in the field of quantum logic - Volume focuses on quantum structures
Pages: xiii, 801 p.
ISBN: 978-0-444-52870-4
Synchronized Factories : Latin America and the Caribbean in the Era of Global Value Chains (2014)
Cham, Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: FDI ; Global Value Chains ; IADB ; International Trade ; Linkages ; Offshoring
Notes: The objective of this report is to examine the extent to which countries in Latin America and the Caribbean participate in global value chains and what are the drivers of such participation. Production processes have been increasingly fragmented worldwide. For example, the production of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner involves 43 suppliers located in 135 locations around the globe. There are many examples like the Dreamliner, from the 451 parts that go into the iPod to the less technologically intensive but still widespread multi-country production of a Barbie doll. All this reflects significant changes in the way world production is being reorganized across national borders. That is, for many goods, production has become a multi-country process in which different stages are carried out in specialized plants in different parts of the world. Countries which specialize in different stages of the production process are thus linked by these global value chains. For developing countries, a clear opportunity from the continuous international fragmentation of production arises in the form of participating in activities that were virtually not opened to them in the past. Therefore, the international fragmentation of production provides opportunities for trade diversification, an issue that can be of particular importance for Latin America and the Caribbean as the region’s export base is in general highly concentrated in a few industries and particularly biased towards natural-resource intensive sectors. The aim is to identify whether there is policy space for implementing strategies that allow countries to improve their position in regional and global value chains.
Pages: XIV, 141 S.
ISBN: 978-3-319-09990-3
Perspectives on European Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, Volume 1 (2014)
Cham, Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: 2ECEES ; Bridge Design and Earthquakes ; Earthquake Engineering ; Historical Structures and Earthquakes ; Irregular Buildings and Earthquakes ; Performance Based Design and Earthquake Engineering ; Precast Buildings and Earthquakes
Notes: This book collects 5 keynote and 15 theme lectures presented at the 2nd European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (2ECEES), held in Istanbul, Turkey, from August 24 to 29, 2014. The conference was organized by the Turkish Earthquake Foundation - Earthquake Engineering Committee and Prime Ministry, Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency under the auspices of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering (EAEE) and European Seismological Commission (ESC). The book’s twenty state-of-the-art papers were written by the most prominent researchers in Europe and address a comprehensive collection of topics on earthquake engineering, as well as interdisciplinary subjects such as engineering seismology and seismic risk assessment and management. Further topics include engineering seismology, geotechnical earthquake engineering, seismic performance of buildings, earthquake-resistant engineering structures, new techniques and technologies, and managing risk in seismic regions. The book also presents the Third Ambraseys Distinguished Award Lecture given by Prof. Robin Spence in honor of Prof. Nicholas N. Ambraseys. The aim of this work is to present the state-of-the art and latest practices in the fields of earthquake engineering and seismology, with Europe’s most respected researchers addressing recent and ongoing developments while also proposing innovative avenues for future research and development. Given its cutting-edge content and broad spectrum of topics, the book offers a unique reference guide for researchers in these fields.
Pages: VIII, 650 S.
ISBN: 978-3-319-07117-6
Real Analysis with an Introduction to Wavelets and Applications : what is thought from the point of view of physics (2005)
Amsterdam ; New York : Elsevier
Keywords: DDC 511.3 ; LC QA9.9
Notes: An in-depth look at real analysis and its applications, including an introduction to wavelet analysis, a popular topic in "applied real analysis". This text makes a very natural connection between the classic pure analysis and the applied topics, including measure theory, Lebesgue Integral, harmonic analysis and wavelet theory with many associated applications.
Pages: xv, 369 p.
ISBN: 978-0-12-354861-0
Ester Boserup’s Legacy on Sustainability : Orientations for Contemporary Research (2014)
Dordrecht, Heidelberg, New York, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: Ester Boserup ; Socio-ecological transitions ; contemporary sustainability research ; society-nature interrelations ; women and gender in agriculture
Notes: Arising from a scientific conference marking the 100th anniversary of her birth, this book honors the life and work of the social scientist and diplomat Ester Boserup, who blazed new trails in her interdisciplinary approach to development and sustainability. The contents are organized in three sections reflecting important focal points of Boserup’s own work: Long-Term Socio-Ecological Change; Agriculture, Land Use, and Development; and Gender, Population, and Economy. The first three chapters offer a comprehensive review of her political and scientific work. Section Two focuses on the applicability of Boserup’s reflections on land use, technology, and agriculture, incorporating case studies which illuminate and test Boserup’s hypotheses on land use intensification and soil degradation, the impact of population growth on land use, the agricultural transition, and the role of women in development. The case studies examine both long historical time series and present-day dynamics, and explore different levels of geographical scale, from the local to the regional and the global. Section Three emphasizes the key role of women and gender relations for agriculture and development. Together, the 15 chapters in this volume show how the main strands of Boserup’s theories are reflected in contemporary research. In sum, the diversity of the contributions to this book reflects the continuing impact of Ester Boserup’s work on scientific research today, and its likely influence on research for years to come.
Pages: XXV, 267 S.
ISBN: 978-94-017-8677-5
Mathematics for Chemistry & Physics (2002)
San Diego : Academic Press
Keywords: DDC 519.5/35 ; LC QA278 ;
Notes: Chemistry and physics share a common mathematical foundation. From elementary calculus to vector analysis and group theory, Mathematics for Chemistry and Physics aims to provide a comprehensive reference for students and researchers pursuing these scientific fields. The book is based on the authors many classroom experience. Designed as a reference text, Mathematics for Chemistry and Physics will prove beneficial for students at all university levels in chemistry, physics, applied mathematics, and theoretical biology. Although this book is not computer-based, many references to current applications are included, providing the background to what goes on "behind the screen" in computer experiments.
Pages: xiv, 408 p.
ISBN: 978-0-12-705051-5
Linked Open Data - Creating Knowledge Out of Interlinked Data : Results of the LOD2 Project (2014)
Cham, Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London : SpringerOpen
Keywords: DBpedia ; LOD ; RDF ; SPARQL ; data authoring ; data enrichment ; data exploration ; data extraction ; data integration ; data interlinking ; data management systems ; data quality ; data visualization ; information systems ; knowledge fusion ; large-scale RDF data management ; linked data for mdeia publishing ; linked enterprise data ; linked open data ; linked open data applications ; open government data ; resource description framework ; semantic Web
Notes: Linked Open Data (LOD) is a pragmatic approach for realizing the Semantic Web vision of making the Web a global, distributed, semantics-based information system. This book presents an overview on the results of the research project “LOD2 -- Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data”. LOD2 is a large-scale integrating project co-funded by the European Commission within the FP7 Information and Communication Technologies Work Program. Commencing in September 2010, this 4-year project comprised leading Linked Open Data research groups, companies, and service providers from across 11 European countries and South Korea. The aim of this project was to advance the state-of-the-art in research and development in four key areas relevant for Linked Data, namely 1. RDF data management; 2. the extraction, creation, and enrichment of structured RDF data; 3. the interlinking and fusion of Linked Data from different sources and 4. the authoring, exploration and visualization of Linked Data.
Pages: VII, 215 S.
ISBN: 978-3-319-09845-6
The Future Internet 2013 : Future Internet Assembly 2013: Validated Results and New Horizons (2013)
Berlin ; Heidelberg : Springer
Keywords: cognitive management ; device-independent applications ; model-driven user interfaces ; software defined networking ; ubiquitous Web
Notes: The Internet is the most vital scientific, technical, economic and societal set of infrastructures in existence and in operation today serving 2.5 billion users. Continuing its developments would secure much of the upcoming innovation and prosperity and it would underpin the sustainable growth in economic values and volumes needed in the future. Future Internet infrastructures research is therefore a must. The Future Internet Assembly (FIA) is a successful conference that brings together participants of over 150 research projects from several distinct yet interrelated areas in the European Union Framework Programme 7 (FP7). The research projects are grouped as follows: the network of the future as infrastructure connecting and orchestrating the future Internet of people, computers, devices, content, clouds and things; cloud computing, Internet of Services and advanced software engineering; the public-private partnership projects on Future Internet; Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE). The 26 full papers included in this volume were selected from 45 submissions. They are organized in topical sections named: software driven networks, virtualization, programmability and autonomic management; computing and networking clouds; internet of things; and enabling technologies and economic incentives.
Pages: XLIV, 369 S.
ISBN: 978-3-642-38081-5
The School of Pharmacy, University of London : Medicines, Science and Society, 1842-2012 (2013)
Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier
Keywords: DDC 510 s ; DDC 531 ; LC QA3 ; LC QA808.2eb
Notes: The School of Pharmacy, University of London: Medicines, Science and Society, 1842-2012 represents the rich history of the University of London School of Pharmacy through numerous color photographs, important advances in the pharmacy profession, cultural milestones, biographies and more. Written in an engaging and authoritative style, this book depicts the chronological history of the school from its establishment in 1842 to the present day with a nod toward its aspirations for the future. By highlighting key periods in the school’s history and showing their connection to the wider world, this book truly commemorates the heritage of the School of Pharmacy and its cutting-edge role in pharmacy innovation, research and education.
Pages: xi, 214 p.
ISBN: 978-0-12-407665-5
Logical, Algebraic, Analytic and Probabilistic Aspects of Triangular Norms (2005)
Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier
Keywords: DDC 519.5/35 ; LC QA279
Notes: This volume gives a state of the art of triangular norms which can be used for the generalization of several mathematical concepts, such as conjunction, metric, measure, etc. 16 chapters written by leading experts provide a state of the art overview of theory and applications of triangular norms and related operators in fuzzy logic, measure theory, probability theory, and probabilistic metric spaces.
Pages: viii, 481 p.
ISBN: 978-0-444-51814-9
Locally Compact Semi-Algebras with applications to spectral theory of positive operators (1974)
Amsterdam : North-Holland
Keywords: DDC 510/.8 s ; DDC 515/.7222 ; LC QA1
Pages: ix, 102 p.
ISBN: 978-0-444-10609-4
Appendix : The Theory of Space (1987)
Amsterdam ; New York : Elsevier
Keywords: DDC 512/.4 ; LC QA252
Pages: 239 p.
ISBN: 978-0-444-86528-1
Structures in Dynamics : Finite Dimensional Deterministic Studies (1991)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands : North-Holland
Keywords: DDC 512/.55 ; LC QC20.7.L54 ; Mathematical physics
Notes: The study of non-linear dynamical systems nowadays is an intricate mixture of analysis, geometry, algebra and measure theory and this book takes all aspects into account.Presenting the contents of its author' graduate courses in non-linear dynamical systems, this volume aims at researchers who wish to be acquainted with the more theoretical and fundamental subjects in non-linear dynamics and is designed to link the popular literature with research papers and monographs.All of the subjects covered in this book are extensively dealt with and presented in a pedagogic form. These include the presentation of an environment for the route to chaos by quasi-periodicity (which is related to the Landau-Lifschitz and Ruelle-Takens scenario's concerning the onset of turbulence); the theories of 1-dimensional dynamics, singularities in planar vector fields, and quasi-periodicity in dissipative systems.
Pages: viii , 309 p.
ISBN: 978-0-444-89257-7
Recent Progress of Algebraic Geometry in Japan (1985)
Amsterdam ; New York : North-Holland
Keywords: DDC 512/.2 ; LC QA176
Pages: v, 213 p.
ISBN: 978-0-444-86469-7
Maximum Principle in Finite Element Models for Convection-Diffusion Phenomena (1983)
Amsterdam ; New York : North-Holland
Keywords: DDC 515.7/32 ; LC QA322.2 ;
Pages: vii, 159 p.
ISBN: 978-0-444-86596-0
Convex Analysis and Variational Problems (1976)
Amsterdam ; New York : North-Holland Pub. Co
Keywords: DDC 629.8/312 ; LC QA402.3 ; Differential equations, Partial ; Stochastic control theory ; Variational inequalities (Mathematics)
Pages: viii, 402 p.
ISBN: 978-0-444-10898-2
Navier-Stokes Equations: Theory and Numerical Analysis (1976)
Amsterdam ; New York : North-Holland
Keywords: DDC 515/.353 ; LC QA374 ; Attractors (Mathematics) ; Navier-Stokes equations - Numerical solutions
Pages: vi, 500 p.
ISBN: 978-0-7204-2840-7
Differential Forms in Mathematical Physics (1978)
Amsterdam ; London : Elsevier
Keywords: DDC 515.353 ; LC QA377 ; Differential equations, Nonlinear ; Differential equations, Partial
Pages: viii, 487 p.
ISBN: 978-0-7204-0537-8
Theory of Extremal Problems (1979)
Amsterdam ; New York : North-Holland Pub. Co
Keywords: DDC 515/.35 ; LC QA379 ; Extremal Problems
Pages: x, 460 p.
ISBN: 978-0-444-85167-3
Holomorphic Functions, Domains of Holomorphy and Local Properties (1970)
Amsterdam : North-Holland Pub. Co
Keywords: DDC 512/.55 ; LC QA326 ; Holomorphic Functions
Pages: v, 122 p.
ISBN: 978-0-7204-2041-8
Advances in Holomorphy, Proceedings of the Seminario de Holomorfia, Universidade Federal do : Rio de Janeiro (1977)
Amsterdam ; New York : North-Holland Pub. Co
Keywords: DDC 510/.8 s ; DDC 515/.7 ; LC QA1 ; LC QA320eb
Pages: vi, 766 p.
ISBN: 978-0-444-85265-6
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The art of being a scientist : a guide for graduate students and their mentors (2009)
Cambridge [u.a.] : Cambridge Univ. Press
Call number: AWI S6-14-0059
Location: AWI
Branch Library: AWI Library
Keywords: Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten ; Ratgeber
Notes: Contents: 1 Introduction. - 2 What is science?. - 3 Choices, choices, choices. - 4 The adviser and thesis committee. - 5 Questions drive research. - 6 Giving direction to our work. - 7 Turning challenges into opportunities. - 8 Ethics of research. - 9 Using the scientific literature. - 10 Communication. - 11 Publishing a paper. - 12 Time management. - 13 Writing proposals. - 14 The scientific career. - 15 Applying for a job. - 16 Concluding remarks. - Appendix A. Futher reading. - Appendix B. A sample curriculum. - Appendix C. The Refer and BibTeX format. - References. - About the authors. - Index.
Pages: X, 286 S. : Ill., graph. Darst.
Edition: 1. publ. 2009, 5th pr. 2013
ISBN: 978-0-521-74352-5
DDC: Q147
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Alfred Wegeners letzte Grönlandfahrt : die Erlebnisse der deutschen Grönlandexpedition 1930/31 geschildert von seinen Reisegefährten und nach Tagebüchern des Forschers (1941)
Leipzig : Brockhaus
Call number: AWI E2-14-0054
Location: AWI
Branch Library: AWI Library
Keywords: Wegener, Alfred ; Arktis
Notes: Inhalt: Vorwort von Kurt Wegener. - Vorwort des Herausgebers. - Plan und Ziele der Deutschen Grönland-Expedition Alfred Wegeners / Else Wegener. - Ausreise und Wartezeit in Uvkusiqsat nach Alfred Wegeners Tagebuch. - Transporte von Georg Liffey und nach Alfred Wegeners Tagebuch. - Propellerschlitten von Curt Schif. - Die erste Schlittenreise ins Innere und die Errichtung der Station "Eismitte" von Johannes Georgi. - Die vierte Schlittenreise bis 151 Kilometer Randabstand von Fritz Loewe. - Wintereinbruch von Karl Weiken. - Bau des Winterhauses und die letzten Transporte von Kurt Herdemerten. - Meteorologische Arbeiten an der Meßstation von Rupert Holzapfel. - Entsatzreise von Karl Weiken. - Winternacht an der Meßstation von Hugo Jülg. - Winternacht und Frühjahr in Kamarujuk von Georg Liffey. - Die Frühjahrsschlittenreisen nach "Eismitte" von Karl Weiken und Manfred Kraus. - Ende der letzten Herbstschlittenreise von Fritz Loewe. - Überwinterung in "Eismitte" von Ernst Sorge. - Die Auffindung Alfred Wegeners nach Berichten von Ernst Sorge und Karl Weiken. - Die Suche nach Rasmus von Ernst Sorge. - Frühjahrsarbeiten von Fritz Loewe. - Einige gletscherkundliche Sommerbeobachtungen von Hugo Jülg. - Die zweite Reise der Propellerschlitten nach "Eismitte" von Kurt Schif. - Sommerarbeiten in "Eismitte" von Johannes Georgi. - Eisdickenmessungen in "Eismitte" von Ernst Sorge. - Eisdickenmessungen der Westgruppe von Kurt Wölden. - Schweremessung und trigonometrisches Nievellement von Karl Weiken. - Abbau und Heimkehr von Fritz Loewe. - Die Oststation von Walther Kopp. - Namen- und Sachverzeichnis
Pages: 303 S. : Ill., graph. Darst., Kt.
Edition: 12. Aufl.
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Hydrochemische Untersuchungen im süddeutschen Molassebecken : Teilbericht Hydrochemie zum Forschungsvorhaben 03E-6240 A/B "Hydrogeothermische Energiebilanz und Grundwasserhaushalt des Malmkarstes im süddeutschen Molassebecken" (1988)
Freiburg i. Br. : Geologisches Landesamt Baden-Württemberg
Call number: M 14.0201
Location: Building A17
Branch Library: GFZ Library
Keywords: Baden-Württemberg ; Geothermie ; Grundwasser
Pages: 64 S. : zahlr. Tab., graph. Darst.
Classification: Geothermal Energy
DDC: 333.88
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Call number: AWI Bio-14-0055
Location: AWI
Branch Library: AWI Library
Keywords: Wirbellose ; Antarktis
Pages: 197, XVI S. : zahlr. Ill.
ISBN: 3-489-64934-6
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The Dead Sea Rift as a natural laboratory for neotectonics and paleoseismology
Call number: M 14.0200
Location: Building A17
Branch Library: GFZ Library
Keywords: Vorderer Osten ; Totes Meer-Graben ; Geophysik
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Call number: S 00.0063(69)
Location: Building A17
Branch Library: GFZ Library
Keywords: Deutschland ; Stratigraphie ; Germanische Trias
Pages: 655 S. : farb. Ill., graph. Darst., Kt.
ISBN: 978-3-510-49229-9
Classification: Historical Geology
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Scientific results from the Mallik 2002 gas hydrate production research well program, Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories, Canada (2005)
Ottawa : Geological Survey of Canada [u.a.]
Call number: S 90.0007(585)
Location: Building A17
Branch Library: GFZ Library
Keywords: Kanada ; Gashydrat ; Bohrloch
Pages: XXII, 140 S. : graph. Darst., Kt. + 1 CD-ROM, 1 DVD-ROM (12 cm) und 4 Taf.
ISBN: 0-660-19495-3
DDC: 557.1
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Abstracts CD : 6-9 April, Houston, TX, George R. Brown Convention Center (2014)
[Tulsa, Okla.]
Call number: NBM 14.0148
Pages: 1 CD-ROM
Classification: Petrophysics
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Meteorologische Arbeiten aus Leipzig/18.: Meteorologische Arbeiten ... und Jahresbericht 2012 des Instituts für Meteorologie der Universität Leipzig (2013)
Leipzig : Inst. für Meteorologie der Univ.
Call number: ZS-265(51)
Location: PIK
Branch Library: PIK Library
Pages: 106 S. : graph. Darst.
ISBN: 978-3-9814401-1-9
Classification: Meteorology and Climatology
DDC: 551.5
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Call number: AWI G2-13-0057
Location: AWI
Branch Library: AWI Library
Keywords: Meeresgeologie ; Meeresboden ; Mittelozeanischer Rücken ; Submarin-hydrothermale Lagerstätte ; Metallogenese ; Erzlagerstätte ; Hydrothermalgebiet ; Riftsystem ; Subduktion ; Submariner Vulkanismus ; Lagerstättenbildung
Pages: 527 S. : zahlr. Ill., graph. Darst.
ISBN: 5-02-033746-3
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Arctic climate and water change : Information relevance for assessment and adaptation (2013)
Stockholm : Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University
Call number: AWI 13-0052
Location: AWI
Branch Library: AWI Library
Keywords: Hydrology ; Monitoring ; Climate Change ; Adaptatation ; Arctic ; Arktis
Notes: The Arctic is subject to growing economic and political interest. Meanwhile, its water and climate systems are in rapid transformation. Relevant and accessible information about water and climate is therefore vital to detect, understand and adapt to the changes. This thesis investigates hydrological monitoring systems, climate model data, and our understanding of hydro-climatic change, for adaptation to water system changes in the Arctic. Results indicate a lack of harmonized water chemistry data, which may impede efforts to understand transport and origin of key waterborne constituents. Further development of monitoring cannot rely only on a reconciliation of observations and projections on where climate change will be the most severe, as they diverge in this regard. Climate model simulations of drainage basin temperature and precipitation have improved between two recent model generations, but large inaccuracies remain for precipitation projections. Late 20th-century discharge changes in major Arctic rivers generally show excess of water relative to precipitation changes. This indicates a possible contribution of stored water from permafrost or groundwater to sea level rise. The river contribution to the increasing Arctic Ocean freshwater inflow matches that of glaciers, which underlines the importance of considering all sources when assessing change. To provide adequate information for research and policy, Arctic hydrological and hydrochemical monitoring needs to be extended, better integrated and made more accessible. This especially applies to hydrochemistry monitoring, where a more complete set of monitored basins is motivated, including a general extension for the large unmonitored areas close to the Arctic Ocean. Improvements in climate model parameterizations are needed, in particular for precipitation projections. Finally, further water-focused data and modeling efforts are required to resolve the source of excess discharge in Arctic rivers.
ISBN: 978-91-7447-638-5