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added on 2014-09-01
Geschichte unserer Umwelt : sechzig Reisen durch die Zeit (2014)
Darmstadt : Primus-Verl.
Call number: PIK
Location: PIK
Branch Library: PIK Library
Notes: Contents: 1 Ein Zeitreiseführer ; 2 Sechszig Reisen durch die Zeit ; 2.1Leben mit der Dynamik der Natur ; 2.2 Mensch und Natur in Agrargesellschaften ; 2.3 Transport, Handel und Umwelt ; 2.4 Koloniale Wirtschaft und Umwelt ; 2.5 Die vielen Gesichter der industriellen Lebensweise ; 2.6 Natur und Politik ; 3 Auf dem Weg zur vorsorgenden Gesellschaft?
Pages: 191 S. : Ill., graph. Darst., Kt.
ISBN: 978-3-86312-069-6
added on 2014-09-01
Environmental Networks and Social Movement Theory (2013)
London : Bloomsbury Academic
Notes: Clare Saunders’ book is an important contribution to the literature on social movements and environmentalism. Using the concept of "environmental networks", it explores the extent to which social movement theory helps us understand how a broad range of environmental organizations interact. It considers the practicalities of social movement theories and it goes on to relate them to the practices of environmental networks. Theoretically and empirically rich, the book draws on extensive survey material with 144 UK environmental organizations, as diverse as not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY) groups, reformists, conservationists and radicals; interviews with more than 40 key campaigners and extensive participant-observation, particularly in London. Focussing particularly on the crucial question of networking dynamics, the book reveals that there are broad ranging network links across the movements’ spatial and ideological dimensions. Combined with inevitable ideological clashes and a degree of sectarian rivalry, these links helps produce vibrant environmental networks that together work to protect and/or preserve the environment. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone concerned with environmental issues, politics and movements.
Pages: XII, 256 S.
ISBN: 978-1-8496-6052-5
added on 2014-09-01
What is Discourse Analysis? (2013)
London : Bloomsbury Academic
Notes: What is Discourse Analysis? is an accessible introduction to an empirical research approach which is widely used in the social sciences and related disciplines. This book explores the idea of how meaning is socially constructed and how "talk" and text can be interpreted. The challenges of discourse analysis are outlined as well as helpful ways to approach them - from finding the right starting point, processing and interpreting data through to building an argument. Discourse analysts work with language data, including talk, documents and broadcast material. Researchers in different traditions study interactions and social practices, meaning-making and larger meaning systems, and contests and conflicts around collective identities, social norms and subjectification. What is Discourse Analysis? addresses new researchers and other academics interested in language and its associated practices. The book outlines the history of discourse analysis, its key concepts and theorists and its uses and challenges. Discussions of published studies illustrate the use of the approach to investigate a range of research topics, such as gender, health and national identities. The book also addresses the practical aspects of discourse analysis, providing clear guidance on data collection and data processing, including transcription and selection. Covering important topics, What is Discourse Analysis? draws from recent articles to show how discourse analysis works in action. Common questions about discourse analysis are presented in a lively and accessible Q&A format. This book will be an essential resource for all researchers working with discourse analysis.
Pages: X, 114 S.
ISBN: 978-1-4411-2476-0
added on 2014-09-01
What are Qualitative Research Ethics? (2013)
London : Bloomsbury Academic
Notes: There has been an increasing interest in research ethics over the last decade given the increasing ethical regulation of social research. "Ethical literacy" encourages researchers to understand and engage with the ethical issues that emerge in the process of research. This book provides a short, succinct and accessible overview of the field, highlighting the key issues and everyday ethical dilemmas that researchers are likely to face in different contexts. Covering a range of methods, the book provides clear guidance for researchers on how to identify an approach that fits with their moral and intellectual framework. It explores ethical issues relating to "traditional" research methods as well as to new and emerging methods and approaches - particularly visual and online methods. Illustrated throughout with real-world examples, this book also includes an annotated bibliography of key texts and other helpful resources. What are Qualitative Research Ethics? will be a vital resource for social science researchers across a range of disciplines.
Pages: X, 111 S.
ISBN: 978-1-7809-3850-9
added on 2014-09-01
What is Qualitative Research? (2013)
London : Bloomsbury Academic
Notes: This book invites readers to explore the nature of qualitative research, and to recognise the varied and conflicting forms it can take. It examines how these contrast with quantitative work, as well as how they differ from journalism and imaginative literature. The book describes various methodological philosophies that have shaped qualitative work, as well as different types of orientation to be found within it today. It offers clear definitions of key terms and concepts, and also a detailed exploration of recent disputes among qualitative researchers, with a view to showing how differences in practice relate to underlying commitments. This book will be a vital resource for both new and experienced researchers.
Pages: X, 125 S.
ISBN: 978-1-7809-3335-1
added on 2014-09-01
Alternative Development Strategies for the Post-2015 Era (2014)
London : Bloomsbury Academic
Notes: The global economic crisis of 2008-2009 exposed systemic failings at the core of economic policy making worldwide. The crisis came on top of several other crises, including skyrocketing and highly volatile world food and energy prices and climate change. This book argues that new policy approaches are needed to address such devastating global development challenges and to avoid the potentially catastrophic consequences to livelihoods worldwide that would result from present approaches. The contributors to the book are independent development experts, brought together by the UN to identify a development strategy capable of promoting a broad-based economic recovery and at the same time guaranteeing social equity and environmental sustainability both within countries and internationally. This new development approach seeks to promote the reforms needed to improve global governance, providing a more equitable distribution of global public goods. The contributors offer a critical evaluation of past development experiences and report on their creative search for new and well-thought out answers for the future. They suggest that economic progress, fairer societies and environmental sustainability can be compatible objectives, but only when pursued simultaneously by all.
Pages: XLIV, 406 S.
ISBN: 978-1-47253-240-4
added on 2014-09-01
Globalization and Economic Diversification : Policy Challenges for Economies in Transition (2011)
London : Bloomsbury Academic
Notes: This volume brings together new contributions from renowned academic scholars, from experts on economies in transition and from the United Nations, the European Union, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as well as other international agencies. It aims to answer fundamental questions and spell out policy options to address the challenges for economies in transition. The volume includes comparative studies focusing on all transition economies, including Central and Eastern Europe, as well as regions such as Western Balkans and the Commonwealth of Independent States.
Pages: XII, 250 S.
ISBN: 978-1-8496-6532-2
added on 2014-09-01
Climate Protection and Development (2012)
London : Bloomsbury Academic
Notes: Writing about climate change often falls into one of two opposite traps - predicting either calamity or apathy - both of which this book avoids. This is not a story of gloom and doom, of inevitable climate catastrophe. On the contrary, this book spells out, in more detail than usual, what can and should be done to avert the real risks of disaster. Nor is it one of complacent congratulation for "win-win" initiatives, cautiously incremental steps, and "green" consumer choices. Climate Protection and Development summons us to an endeavour worthy of the resources and ingenuity of the twenty-first century - towards bold initiatives with big costs, and much bigger benefits. This book explores the interconnected issues of climate and development, laying the groundwork for just such a new deal. It presents a challenging agenda, and highlights the needs and perspectives of developing countries which may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable to readers in high-income countries. The unfortunate truth is that any large country, or group of mid-sized countries, can veto any global climate solution by refusing to participate, so a solution will only work if it works for everyone.
Pages: XVI, 182 S.
ISBN: 978-1-7809-3173-9