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added on 2017-02-16
Optical Interferometry (2017)
Rijeka, Croatia : InTech
Keywords: optics ; lasers ; interferometry
Notes: Optical methods of measurements are the most sensitive techniques of noncontact investigations, and at the same time, they are fast as well as accurate which increases reproducibility of observed results. In recent years, the importance of optical interferometry methods for research has dramatically increased, and applications range from precise surface testing to finding extrasolar planets. This book covers various aspects of optical interferometry including descriptions of novel apparatuses and methods, application interferometry for studying biological objects, surface qualities, materials characterization, and optical testing. The book includes a series of chapters in which experts share recent progress in interferometry through original research and literature reviews.
Pages: 258 S.
ISBN: 978-953-51-2955-4
added on 2017-02-16
Raman Spectroscopy and Applications (2017)
Rijeka, Croatia : InTech
Keywords: Raman spectroscopy
Notes: Raman spectroscopy has a number of applications in various fields including material science, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and medicine. This book illustrates necessary insight and guidance in the field of Raman spectroscopy with detailed figures and explanations. This presents deep understanding of new techniques from basic introduction to the advance level for scientists and engineers. The chapters cover all major aspects of Raman spectroscopy and its application in material characterization with special emphasis on both the theoretical and experimental aspects. This book is aimed to provide solid foundation of Raman spectroscopy to the students, scientists, and engineers working in various fields as mentioned above.
Pages: 362 S.
ISBN: 978-953-51-2907-3
added on 2017-02-06
Earthquakes : Tectonics, Hazard and Risk Mitigation (2017)
Rijeka, Croatia : InTech
Keywords: earthquake ; seismology ; tectonics ; natural hazards ; risk analysis
Notes: This book is devoted to diverse aspects of earthquake researches, especially to new achievements in seismicity that involves geosciences, assessment, and mitigation. Chapters contain advanced materials of detailed engineering investigations, which can help more clearly appreciate, predict, and manage different earthquake processes. Different research themes for diverse areas in the world are developed here, highlighting new methods of studies that lead to new results and models, which could be helpful for the earthquake risk. The presented and developed themes mainly concern wave's characterization and decomposition, recent seismic activity, assessment-mitigation, and engineering techniques. The book provides the state of the art on recent progress in earthquake engineering and management. The obtained results show a scientific progress that has an international scope and, consequently, should open perspectives to other still unresolved interesting aspects. | Contents: Chapter 1 Earthquake Instrumentation by Jae Cheon Jung --- Chapter 2 Application of Local Wave Decomposition in Seismic Signal Processing by Ya-juan Xue, Jun-xing Cao, Gu-lan Zhang, Hao-kun Du, Zhan Wen, Xiao-hui Zeng and Feng Zou --- Chapter 3 3D Seismic Velocity Structure Around Plate Boundaries and Active Fault Zones by Mohamed K. Salah --- Chapter 4 Characteristics of Seismic Wave Propagation of Harmonic Tremors Observed at the Margin in the Lützow-Holm Bay, East Antarctica by Masaki Kanao --- Chapter 5 The b-Value Analysis of Aftershocks 170 Days After the 23 October 2011 Van Earthquake (M w, 7.1) of the Lake Van Basin, Eastern Anatolia: A New Perspective on the Seismic Radiation and Deformation Characteristics by Mustafa Toker --- Chapter 6 New Insight in Liquefaction After Recent Earthquakes: Chile, New Zealand and Japan by Yolanda Alberto-Hernandez and Ikuo Towhata --- Chapter 7 Three-Dimensional Nepal Earthquake Displacement Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Phase Unwrapping from Sentinel-1A Satellite by Maged Marghany and Shattri Mansor --- Chapter 8 Space-Time Forecasting of Seismic Events in Chile by Orietta Nicolis, Marcello Chiodi and Giada Adelfio --- Chapter 9 Ultra-Low-Noise Seismic Accelerometers for Earthquake Prediction and Monitoring by Felix A. Levinzon --- Chapter 10 Earthquake Prediction by Khaled Ghaedi and Zainah Ibrahim --- Chapter 11 Issues of the Seismic Safety of Nuclear Power Plants by Tamás János Katona --- Chapter 12 Intelligent Seismic-Acoustic System for Identifying the Area of the Focus of an Expected Earthquake by Telman Aliev --- Chapter 13 Earthquakes and Structural Damages by Burak Yön, Erkut Sayın and Onur Onat --- Chapter 14 Simulating Collapse Behaviors of Buildings and Motion Behaviors of Indoor Components During Earthquakes by Daigoro Isobe --- Chapter 15 Seismic Behaviour of Post-Tensioned Segmental Bridge Columns with Self-Centring System by Ehsan Nikbakht
Pages: 386 S.
ISBN: 978-953-51-2885-4