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added on 2017-02-13
CleanEra : A Collection of Research Projects for Sustainable Aviation (2015)
Amsterdam : IOS Press
Keywords: aircraft ; civil aviation ; resources ; emissions ; sustainability
Notes: The CleanEra project was initiated with the goal of developing revolutionary ideas for civil aviation. These ideas were to offer solutions which would limit and reduce some of the negative aspects of aviation, namely: emissions and the use of resources. This book presents you with the highlights of this journey in search of new technologies for a revolutionary aircraft; an aircraft that not only offers a future of comfortable air travel for the passenger, but a future of sustainable aviation for the planet as well.
Pages: 192 S.
ISBN: 978-1-61499-590-6
added on 2017-02-13
Sustainable Agriculture - Beyond Organic Farming (2016)
Basel, Beijing, Wuhan : MDPI
Keywords: sustainability ; sustainable agriculture ; organic farming ; food systems ; agroecology ; green supply chains ; local ; diet ; animal welfare ; third-party certification ; ecolabelling ; fair trade ; ethical consumerism ; humane
Notes: The current conception of organic farming—as a production system based on ecological understanding and management—is the result of nearly a century of intellectual thought and dialogue, field observations and experiences, systematic experimentation, and codification of rules. Today, organic production is widely recognized as a viable alternative to conventional production under many conditions and increasingly sought out by consumers concerned about environmental issues, such as agricultural pollution, the loss of biodiversity, and soil conservation. Considerable research supports the validity of such value-based consumer choices, but there are other areas in which inherent trade-offs exist because the current performance of organic systems often does not match that of conventional systems, such as in yield per unit of land, labor efficiency and costs of production. Further, organic standards may not explicitly or sufficiently address important concerns about climate change, animal welfare and the quality of life provided to farmers, farm workers and others in the supply chain. As our understanding of the agroecology and food systems develops how is organic farming changing and evolving? Additionally, what role can organic farming and related movements play in addressing the many and complicated food-system challenges facing society?
Pages: XVI, 341 S.
Edition: Printed Edition of the Special Issue Published in Sustainability
ISBN: 978-3-03842-304-1