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  • Rijeka : InTech
    Keywords: Raman spectroscopy
    Notes: Raman spectroscopy has a number of applications in various fields including material science, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and medicine. This book illustrates necessary insight and guidance in the field of Raman spectroscopy with detailed figures and explanations. This presents deep understanding of new techniques from basic introduction to the advance level for scientists and engineers. The chapters cover all major aspects of Raman spectroscopy and its application in material characterization with special emphasis on both the theoretical and experimental aspects. This book is aimed to provide solid foundation of Raman spectroscopy to the students, scientists, and engineers working in various fields as mentioned above. | Contents: Chapter 1: Raman Microscopy: A Suitable Tool for Characterizing Surfaces in Interaction with Plasmas in the Field of Nuclear Fusion by Cedric Pardanaud, Celine Martin and Pascale Roubin --- Chapter 2: Raman Investigations of Atomic/Molecular Clusters and Aggregates by Zhixun Luo and Jiannian Yao --- Chapter 3: Raman Mapping: Emerging Applications by Cristina Coman and Loredana Florina Leopold --- Chapter 4: Semiconductor Nanowires: Raman Spectroscopy Studies by Marta De Luca and Ilaria Zardo --- Chapter 5: Raman Study of the Crystalline-to-Amorphous State in Alpha- Decay–Damaged Materials by Ming Zhang --- Chapter 6: Raman Spectroscopy for Monitoring Strain on Graphene and Oxidation Corrosion on Nuclear Claddings by Hongyi Mi, Zhenqiang Ma and James P. Blanchard --- Chapter 7: Boosting the Amount of Molecular Information Through Polarized Resolved Resonance Raman Scattering by Søren Hassing --- Chapter 8: Petrographical and Mineralogical Applications of Raman Mapping by Frédéric Foucher, Guillaume Guimbretière, Nicolas Bost and Frances Westall --- Chapter 9: Stimulated Raman Scattering for All Optical Switches by Ariel Flores-Rosas, Evgeny A. Kuzin, Orlando Díaz-Hernández, Gerardo J. Escalera-Santos, Roberto Arceo-Reyes, Baldemar Ibarra- Escamilla and Víctor I. Ruiz-Pérez --- Chapter 10: Raman Spectroscopy of Amino Acid Crystals by Paulo T.C. Freire, Felipe M. Barboza, José A. Lima, Francisco E.A. Melo and Josué Mendes Filho --- Chapter 11: Raman Spectroscopy with X-Rays by Piter Sybren Miedema --- Chapter 12: Using Raman Spectroscopy to Improve Hyperpolarized Noble Gas Production for Clinical Lung Imaging Techniques by Jonathan Birchall, Nicholas Whiting, Jason Skinner, Michael J. Barlow and Boyd M. Goodson --- Chapter 13: Inverse Raman Scattering in Femtosecond Broadband Transient Absorption Experiments by Antonio Aloi and Raffaele Tommasi --- Chapter 14: Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering by Ujjal Kumar Sur --- Chapter 15: The Intricate Nature of SERS: Real-Life Applications and Challenges by Nicoleta Elena Dina and Alia Colniță --- Chapter 16: Precision Target Guide Strategy for Applying SERS into Environmental Monitoring by Lei Ouyang, Dingyi Li, Lihua Zhu and Heqing Tang
    Pages: 362 Seiten
    ISBN: 978-953-51-2907-3
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  • Rijeka : InTech
    Keywords: cobalt ; synthesis ; processing; characterization
    Notes: Cobalt is a brittle, hard, silver-grey transition metal with high melting point, hard-wearing at elevated temperatures, good corrosion resistance and improved chemical, magnetic and mechanical properties. This book aims to provide in-depth study and analyses of various synthesis and processing techniques and characterization of cobalt that can lead to its increased applications in recent technology. This book presents deep understanding of the new techniques from basic to the advance level for scientists and engineers. The chapters cover all major aspects about cobalt and its application in material characterization with special emphasis on both theoretical and experimental aspects. This book addresses engineering professionals, students and materials scientists. | Contents: Chapter 1: General Aspects of the Cobalt Chemistry by Yasemin Yildiz --- Chapter 2: Synthesis, Processing, and Characterization of the Cobalt Alloys with Silicon Addition by Petrica Vizureanu, Mirabela Georgiana Minciuna, Gianina Iovan and Simona Stoleriu --- Chapter 3: Synthesis of Cobalt-Based Nanomaterials from Organic Precursors by Maria Smyrnioti and Theophilos Ioannides --- Chapter 4: Hydrothermally Produced Cobalt Oxide Nanostructures at Different Temperatures and Effect on Phase Transition Temperature and Threshold Voltage of Nematic Liquid Crystal Host by Hasan Eskalen, Süleyman Kerli and Şükrü Özgan --- Chapter 5: Substitution and Redox Properties of Some Organoisocyanide Cobalt(II) Complexes by Olayinka A. Oyetunji, Godiraone Tatolo, Banyaladzi D. Paphane and Clifford A. L. Becker --- Chapter 6: Effect of Cobalt on Morphology of Microhole Formed by Micropunching by Kelvii Wei Guo and Hon Yuen Tam --- Chapter 7: A Review of the Radionuclide, Cobalt-60, as a Fine-Sediment Tracer by Philip Greenwood
    Pages: 164 Seiten
    ISBN: 978-953-51-3667-5
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